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The hips and thighs are two problem areas for women. Body by Jake created the Hip and Thigh Sculptor so women could trim and tone without spending hours in the gym. As is the case with so many Body by Jake products, the machine was only on the official website for a short while and then it was discontinued and left behind. This is an AsSeenOnTV machine, so there are plenty of websites selling the Body by Jake Hip and Thigh Sculptor new. While we understand the theory behind the machine, the unit is priced at more than $300 plus shipping and handling. The exercises completed on the machine can also be performed without the machine with lunges and squats. Also, we have a problem with the fact that the machine is marketed just toward women. Men also have trouble losing weight in the hip and thigh area. The machine comes with a DVD and diet plan, though no details on either are available on the official website.

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Hip and Thigh Sculpting Machine by Body by Jake.

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The lower body is one of the most common places women store fat. The Body by Jake Hip and Thigh Sculptor focuses on toning this problem area, but there is a huge problem with the machine. There is no amount of exercise that will reduce stores of fat anywhere on the body unless the dieter eats right and does cardio exercise in addition to muscle toning. Many women watch the infomercials for machines like the Body by Jake Hip and Thigh Sculptor and think they will lose 30, 40 or 50 pounds simply moving their legs back and forth. The reason they believe this is because of the testimonials used in the infomercials. What those infomercials forget to mention is the fact that many dieters use the Body by Jake machine in addition to walking, running, weight training and dieting to achieve those results.

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  • Works the largest muscles groups to tone and firm legs, hips and thighs.
  • Sells online.


  • Diet and exercise are required to lose lower body fat.
  • May not be effective.
  • Not available from the official website.


When it comes to toning and shaping, losing body fat is one of the most important steps. No amount of exercise will improve the tone of lower body muscles if a layer of fat is hiding those muscles. Muscles may get stronger from using the Body by Jake Hip and Thigh Sculptor, but the dieter is not apt to lose weight like the infomercial claims. There are no details given about the diet program included with the machine.

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    A workout video came with my Body By Jake Hip an Thigh machine which I purchased years ago. I would like to get the workout in DVD format. Is that possible? Part #60118500 put out by Diversified Products Corp For Body by Jake.