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Exercising in the comfort of your home is a big draw of any home gym. A dieter beginning a weight loss journey will not have the pressure of the established cliques of a health club or the unneeded pressure to sign a long-term commitment. A home gym should also feature stations which work all major muscle groups. The Bodycraft Xpress stacks up to the competition, but with a staggering price tag of $2300 actually worth it? Some may say yes, but we will take a closer look.

List of Ingredients

Home gym featuring multiple stations designed to work core muscle groups.

Product Features

The Bodycraft Xpress is a home gym featuring multiple stations which provide an individual with more than 100 exercise combinations. Add on the leg press attachment and the number of exercises increases. The unique cable system allows dieters to perform chest exercises, lower body exercises, lat pull downs and seated rows. The Bodycraft Xpress provides a weight stack of 200 lbs. We did not find a dedicated cardio station on the Bodycraft Xpress.

We found misinformation regarding the Bodycraft Xpress. It claims to be a space saver, but the product is approximately 9-feet by 9-feet. The Bodycraft Xpress essentially fills up a room. Another negative of the product is the weight. At more than 500 lbs, moving the Bodycraft Xpress is virtually impossible without assistance from multiple individuals. Although the Bodycraft Xpress offers more than 100 exercises, we could not find a comprehensive diet or exercise guide.

The price of the Bodycraft Xpress is expensive compared to similar models. At a whopping $2300, the price is comparable to 4 years of a traditional health club membership. We did find the Bodycraft Xpress offered a lifetime warranty, always a positive. The Bodycraft Xpress is available on the official website with free shipping to the continental U.S.

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  • Lifetime warranty.
  • 200 lb. weight stack.
  • Available on the official website.


  • Expensive.
  • Does not offer a dedicated cardio station.
  • Machine weighs more than 500 lbs.
  • No exercise or diet guide provided.
  • Ab station uncomfortable for individuals of above average height.
  • Not a space saver.
  • 200 lb. weight stack.
  • Workout chart and DVD extra.


The Bodycraft Xpress is an ideal home gym for the individual with a dedicated space and money in their pockets. The height of the Bodycraft Xpress reaches nearly 7-feet with a depth of nearly 7-feet. Maximizing any home gym, an individual typically add an additional 2-feet to the given dimensions. This brings the space requirements for the Bodycraft Xpress to nearly 9-feet by 9-feet. The average room size is not that large.

The price of the Bodycraft Xpress is extremely expensive compared to similar home gym as well as health club memberships. If the average health club membership is $50, an individual could purchase a membership for the next three years, compared to the price of the Bodycraft Xpress. One thing we did like was the lifetime warranty. If a dieter decided to invest in the Bodycraft Xpress, they know the company stands behind their product.

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