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The Breastfeeding Diet is not actually a diet by traditional meaning of the word. Instead, it is a set of dietary guidelines and recommendations for women who are breastfeeding. These recommendations and guidelines come from, a popular website. If you are trying to stay healthy while breastfeeding your child, take a look at this to see how it can help you with maintaining a nutritional balance.

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The Breastfeeding Diet focuses on the fact that you must not actually diet while you are breastfeeding. As a nursing mother, you will burn 500 more calories in day compared to a women who chooses to formula feed. This is because the body spends more energy on milk production and excretion during feeding. What you eat is very important while you are breastfeeding because the nutrients (or lack thereof) will be transferred to your child, and the makeup of your milk will change from feeding to feeding based on what you’ve ingested and what the baby needs the most. Breastfeeding, when done properly can help you shed the excess baby weight without following a strict diet and exercise plan.

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  • The Breastfeeding Diet thinks of nutrition first.
  • The information provided is from professional doctors and nutritionists.


  • The Breastfeeding Diet does not really provide detailed information about how it works.
  • There is not a lot of information provided about portion control, something which is very important to caloric intake and could easily lead to overeating.
  • Some people maintain breastfeeding moms need more calories per day, while others say the additional calories are not necessary.
  • This does not provide any guidelines to support exercise, but there are also no guidelines or reasoning against it.
  • Some of the terminology used in the program is confusing.


The Breastfeeding Diet is a good way to ensure your nutritional intake is balanced, without increasing the number of calories you eat everyday, to let the 500 extra calories you body burns just through breastfeeding work for you to produce weight loss. However, it lacks very important information in terms of what you should eat and how, and does not provide solid advice in regard to physical activity. If you are a breasfeeding mother, you should never follow a reduced calorie diet, but you should be careful about what you eat and when. Many dietary supplements are not recommended for women who are breastfeeding, but if after you are finished breastfeeding you still have additional weight to shed, you can safely reduce your caloric intake, add a proven weight loss supplement and engage the baby as part of your regular exercise rountine to see the weight come off.

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    avie tanilon

    taking biofitea is safe for breatfeeding mother?


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    vimbai zisengwe

    i have lost so much weight in yhe past 5 months that i have been breast feeding.what kindof food should i eat to regain my weight