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It appears as though CEA-HOW is a type of recovery program that stands for “Compulsive Eaters Anonymous”. It appears as though this group was designed with the purpose of getting people together so that they may share their experiences and learn from each other’s mistakes. It was founded in Phoenix, Arizona in 1979, but they now have branches all across the United States. In this review we will take a closer look at what this program may have to offer so that we may see if this program could beneficial to people that may want to lose weight.


The contents of this program seem to consist of a 12 Step Program that is designed to help you to recover from compulsive overeating. It encourages that you get a sponsor, have regular phone contact, and attend regular meetings.

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A lot of people believe that compulsive overeating is actually a progressive illness that is comparable to alcoholism. This is a system that is said to help you to refrain from overeating and to gain control of the situation so that the situation no longer controls you. It is believed that with this program, just like with a lot of other recovery programs, it is necessary to find a sponsor that you have multiple conversations with per day, and to attend multiple meetings per week in order to reap the full benefits of the program. This is to help avoid what they call isolation, due to the fact that you may feel alone at times while recovering and if you have constant contact with other people that are like you, then it may not allow that aloneness to take over and trigger the impulse to overeat.

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  • May address some serious issues for some people and help them to overcome them.
  • Provides great support for people who suffer from compulsive overeating.


  • Does not seem to be too concerned about helping people to lose the unhealthy weight that they may have accumulated from overeating.


It appears as if this program may address one of the main issues that may cause weight gain in a lot of people, and that is compulsive overeating. It is likely that if this issue is properly addressed and handled as it is recommended to do, then the end result may be weight loss. However, to obtain a healthy weight loss it is also necessary to learn how to eat responsibly and to maintain a healthy diet with added physical activity. This program does provide a good basis for addressing the initial problem that may be the cause of the underlying problem for the weight gain to begin with. But what happens after they leave the program? Do they leave with the tools that are necessary to help them make better choices about not only how much food they eat, but what kinds of food they eat? Are they encouraged to engage in some sort of daily physical activities? Have they ever considered the use of appetite suppressants to help calm the cravings? They may need to look for a supplement that has been patented and proven to work as an appetite suppressant and fat burner so that they can continue on their journey to recovery.

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15 User Reviews about CEA-HOW

  • 1
    Ramona Johnson

    Hi Teresa, today is day 8 for me in CEA How…you just tell the leader of the meeting you go to that you want to start the program. You will have to purchase the book with the food plan, mine was $5.75 and they should have it at the meeting for you right them. You will also need to get a copy of The Big Book of AA, my location uses the 4th edition which I think is the most updated version, and the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions of AA. These contain the reading material of the program you will use. Please let me know how you do!


  • 2
    kathy ottinger

    You might have gone to an OA meeting but you didn’t go to a HOW meeting, which does give the person a plan of eating to follow, and it is a rigorous program of action and keeps one to be responsible. It has been the only program that I had lost substantial weight on and kept off for over a year, and just like Alcoholics anonymous once and overeater succumbs to sugar or white flour they are just as sick as they were when they came in and in no time they go back to being addicted and the disease gets progressively worst unless they can once again abstain from sugar and white flour and over indulging. Those who fail, are those who didn’t completely give themselves to this program, went back out, or defiant and took back their will to indulge. I have gone back out and want it back, it didn’t fail me I failed it.


  • 3

    This 12 step program has given me back my life, I have had fod issues all my life and even tho I knew it was related to my childhood I didnt have a clue how to address that. Cea HOW is showing me how, I have never felt like a naughty child (thats what the individual chooses to feel) I feel loved, supported and understood, which enables me to continue growing up emotionally and slimming down healthily and lovingly. I know of many who have acheived their goal weight and continue to work this program and live an abstinent life (abstinent from things which are harmful to a compulsive eater) I am very glad I tried this instead of listening to the sceptics. How about YOU take responsibility for your own recovery and you decide if this is for you.


  • 4

    The program is working for me. I have been released of 100 pounds for four years so far.


  • 5

    Most of your facts are true but you are missing the larger issue that 12 step programs are meant to be a new way of life, not a temporary solution. And CEA HOW does address losing the unhealthy/unwanted wait. You really should do complete research first before sharing your opinion, that is not based upon full facts, with curious people who want to learn more.


  • 6

    I was a CEA-HOWer and lost all kinds of weight and the baggage that came with it.
    You are correct…the weight loss is astounding!!!!
    But then comes the quirk of it all.
    You get down in weight, get your life in order, make amends and all and even go on to maintainence….but wait…you mean I have to keep going to meettings and keep on the food plan to keep being abseneit? If I don’t, then I am a “bad person” because I fell off the CEA-HOW wagon and have to start all over again.
    That is why I left rpogram and found something else that works better.
    I have self-esteem, confidance and better than that…I have dropped-off behind me over 50lbs since Jan. 2010!!!!
    If CEA-HOW works for you…great.
    I didn’t for me and countless others I know.
    I got tired of feeling like a bad child all the time.
    Now I feel like a successful adult.



    what is the something else you found that works better? I am also tired of feeing like a bad child



    What are you doing now? Do you eat any sugar or white flour in your new Program?



    Really sorry you felt that way or someone put that one you. So not my experience in the 20 years I have been involved. Structure and self discipline are not the same as shame and punishment. I am so happy to hear that you found something that works better for you. I hope that is still the case 3 years after your posting and that you are helping others with your gift.


  • 7

    Such help! CEAHOW has a solid food plan, and a great deal of support. It also offers a way to address any issues “behind” our eating such as old childhood wounds, habits, etc… I have never known anyone who did this program and didn’t loose weight.


  • 8

    This group uses a structured food plan for participants to use to release their unhealthy weight. They also offer a medical abstinence which is prescribed by their Dr..
    I’ve been in this program three years and have released 67 pounds.


  • 9

    Regarding CEA HOW. As you describe, it is a 12 step program. The program includes a basic food plan, and if the participant stays on the plan, the participant will be abstinent. If a participant follows the food plan (a very healthy plan) and the steps in the 12 step program, their weight loss will be spectacular. I recomend you change your disadvantages comment, because the weight loss success in the program is fast, and phenomenal.



    I think the reviewer must have gone to OA meetings rather than CEAHOW meetings. The latter is absolutely and unequivocally concerned with helping people lose the weight.
    CEAHOW provides a clear and nutritious food plan that drops the weight, and working the 12 Steps keeps it off long term. Food is weighed and measured, written down, and committed to another person, every day. If this isn’t a set of lifelong weight management habits, I don’t know what is.



    I have been in CEA HOW before. I don’t have that much weight to lose but I always felt so much better. My sponsor died and I notice now nobody at themeetingsI go to want to sponsor.
    How do I get hold of the Food Plan . I have been in another Program for 27 years.


    Your Name

    Hi Teresa, today is day 8 for me in CEA How…you just tell the leader of the meeting you go to that you want to start the program. You will have to purchase the book with the food plan, mine was $5.75. You will also need to get a copy of The Big Book of AA, and the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions of AA. These contain the reading material of the program you will use. Please let me know how you do!