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What You Should Know

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Chocoslim is a supplement from SoTru that contains a calorie-free extract of chocolate that suppresses appetite, improves mood and increases energy. The official Chocoslim website offers customers information on the supplement and direct ordering, but you can also learn more about Chocoslim on the manufacturer website. The manufacturer website looks less like a marketing scheme than the Chocoslim website.

List of Ingredients


  • Chocamine
  • Oxyphyte
  • Yerba Mate Extract

Product Features

Chocamine is the star of the show and the ingredient the supplement is named for. The chocolate extract smells and tastes like chocolate but there are no calories, sugar or fat to worry about. Chocamine is supposed to reduce cravings and improve mood. The active ingredient is likely phenylethylamine, a common diet supplement ingredient. The effect of this natural mood booster has been compared to an antidepressant or street drug. Some have even reported hallucinations.

Oxyphyte is a combination of green tea and white tea. Both teas provide a strong source of antioxidants, EGCG and caffeine. These three elements work together to improve metabolism and promote weight loss. There are clinical studies supporting the plethora of health benefits associated with green and white tea, but SoTru does not list any studies.

Yerba mate is another one of those old-school ingredients. It is typically included as a source of caffeine and Chocoslim contains about 50 mg of caffeine per dose. There are 120 capsules per bottle, be we have no idea how many doses the dieter is supposed to take per day or the size of each dose. If one bottle is supposed to last a month, the dieter could take four capsules per day or 200 mg of caffeine.

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  • There is an official website for Chocoslim.
  • The ingredients are safe.
  • Green and white tea contains EGCG.
  • The small amount of caffeine is just enough to boost energy.


  • No product label is listed on the website.
  • Chocoslim may supply more than 50 mg of caffeine per day.
  • There are no before and after photos from real dieters.


If you want to lose weight with a diet supplement clearly designed with fit people in mind you may want to try Chocoslim. The website is packed with positive testimonials from fit people, but there are no overweight dieters and real weight loss stories to be found. Chocoslim may contain safe ingredients, but the dieter wants to know if it will work on people like them.

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