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Crave Arrest is a weight loss product that’s offered from Designs for Health. This is a non-prescription diet pill that sells online through various dealers. It’s claimed to “balance-out” the serotonin and dopamine levels in the body (these are neurotransmitters) that have an effect on the cravings people have. Naturally this may reduce hunger cravings and desires for junk food. Crave Arrest is taken daily with significant amounts of water in order to potentially assist with fat loss. However, it’s not suitable for women who’re pregnant/nursing.

There is an assortment of 10 primary ingredients incorporated into Crave Arrest capsules. These range from Vitamin B6, to Rhodiola Rosea Extract, to GABA, to Vitamin C, to Folic Acid, to Vitamin B12, to Niacinamide, to Lipoic Acid, to L-Tyrosine, to 5-Hydroxytryptophan. This weight loss product does not contain preservatives, soy, dairy products, wheat, yeast, or corn. Individuals already taking a medication should speak with a physician prior to taking Crave Arrest capsules. Other than fat loss, this supplement may help with stress, mood swings, insomnia, type II diabetes, depression, and anxiety. Although the official website for this product appears professional, there is not a great deal of information about Crave Arrest supplements offered.


Silicon Dioxide, Water, Gelatin, Vitamin B6, Rhodiola Rosea Extract, GABA, Vitamin C, Folic Acid, Vitamin B12, Niacinamide, Lipoic Acid, L-Tyrosine, and 5-Hydroxytryptophan.

Product Features

Crave Arrest is essentially a supplement that comes in capsule form, and aims to help men and women with concerns like weight loss, stress, mood swings, insomnia, type II diabetes, depression, and anxiety. By incorporating several active ingredients, this supplement may balance out the serotonin and dopamine levels in the body, which can lead to fewer and less frequent cravings. At this time no success stories are provided on the official website for Crave Arrest. This supplement cannot be taken with SSRI medications, nor is it suitable for those taking MAO inhibitors. Crave Arrest sells online for $33 (60 capsules).

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  • The official website for Designs for Health comes across as very professional.
  • All of the ingredients for this dietary supplement are readily available online.


  • There is not a great deal of data provided for Crave Arrest capsules on the official website.
  • Responses from Crave Arrest users are not provided on the website.
  • Individuals taking SSRI medications and/or MAO inhibitors cannot take this diet drug.
  • Crave Arrest is not suitable for women who’re pregnant or nursing.
  • A 100% money-back guarantee is not mentioned for this diet supplement.


From what’s revealed on the official website, there is not a lot offered on Crave Arrest. Fortunately this supplement is discussed in further detail on other websites that sell it. On the plus side, Crave Arrest doesn’t contain any hidden ingredients that aren’t disclosed online. Then again, it would be nice to know if this diet drug comes with a guarantee of any kind. Finally, it would additionally be helpful to read some feedback from Crave Arrest users in order to make a better judgment on the product.

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    tammy vymislicky

    I got mine from dr reese at ageless weightloss are there side effects the l tyrosine on line showa effects I took one felt heart burn and a little different I think I made myself nerouse


  • 2

    My nutritionist gave this to me to help my uncontrollable cravings. So far it works really good. The bottle says 2 caps a day.. but she advise me to take it 2 caps in am, noon, pm.. before my meals. I didn’t see any side effects so far. I notices I get full quickly and I stopped cravings for junk food. I think it’s important to get evaluated by a doctor before taking this.. I didn’t think that I have problem with my neurotransmitter.


  • 3

    My dr. Who is very well respected has suggested that I start taking cravearrest to help with binge eating. He recommended starting with only. One per day as it may cause fatigue and/or nasuea initially, which should improve within a week and than take one in am and one in pm.


  • 4

    I’ve been taking CraveArrest along with St. Johns Wort for about 10 days and am feeling very sick. Nausea, and headaches are horrible. Lightheaded too. Do these interact. Mr Dr. gave them to me


    Your Name

    Your an idiot….should have probably told your doctor you were using st johns wort as well….you are one of those patients that doesn’t disclose all the facts then wants to blame the doctor for your stupidity…


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