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Crunchless Abs is a series of workout DVD’s by Linda LaRue frequently promoted on late night television infomercials. The premise of Crunchless Abs is that traditional abdominal exercises do not reach all of the muscles in the abdominal core and that each group of muscles needs to be targeted for the best results.

There are several DVD’s in the Crunchless Abs series. They can be sold individually or in groups. The company also sells resistance bands that are frequently used in the DVD’s. Resistance bands also come with some of the DVD Kits or bundles.

One issues concerns us with the sale of Crunchless Abs DVD’s. The sales model is set up on an auto-ship plan. Auto-ship means that, on top of the initial purchase, product is shipped out and billed on an ongoing regular basis. Auto-ship programs are the cause of a large percentage of consumer complaints and Crunchless Abs is no different. There are dozens of complaints about the Crunchless Abs sales tactics littering the internet. It is worthwhile to note that, at the bottom of the page, you can order each DVD individually without further obligation. However, this option is more expensive than ordering sets of DVD’s. Individual DVD’s range from $16 to $20 and some DVD’s are as short as 16 minutes. From our perspective, this does not represent good value for your fitness dollars.

Product Features

The Crunchless Abs DVD’s are centered on Pilates-like exercises that strengthen and tone the core. There are also DVD’s in the set that focus on other areas of the body and cardiovascular exercise. We were disappointed to find that the Crunchless Abs website does not provide video clips of the DVD’s so that consumers can determine whether the program is right for them.

One of the benefits of the Crunchless Abs workout program is that there is little to no specialized (and expensive) exercise equipment to buy. The workouts can be done almost anywhere and many of the sequences are meant for 10 minute sessions which make it easy to fit in a workout in a busy day.

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  • DVD’s feature clear and easy instructions.
  • There are a variety of DVD’s.
  • DVD’s can be purchased directly from the company website.


  • The DVD purchasing program is set up on auto-ship.
  • Some DVD’s very short compared to their price.


Crunchless Abs may appeal to those looking to specifically target their mid-section with short, easy-to-follow exercises. The exercises in the Crunchless Abs DVD’s appear to be effective. However, considering the number of customer complaints on the internet, we recommend caution in purchasing this product. You might be able to find used copies of Crunchless Abs DVD’s for sale on auction sites and this could make the price versus length equation work better.

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  • 1

    this is a rip off. Once you order, they send you monthly tapes. The monthly repeats is printed in the fine print and they they have your credit card #. I had to cancel twice and dispute with credit card company.


  • 2

    Seemed like a good program but I was so frustrated with the auto-ship process that I never tried it. What a scam… A $12 dollar expense has turned into $50!!


  • 3
    L. Jensen

    What a rip off! I ordered one DVD of crunchless abs and then was billed for additional shipments. In order to send it back to THEM!!! I have to pay for the return shipping and then will not be reimbursed for the unauthorized shipment in the first place! What a rip OFF! This “mistake” by Crunchless Abs will end up costing me approximately $20.00….SHAME ON YOU! This is a scam! SHAME SHAME SHAME!


  • 4

    I did the videos and found them hard to actually do… and when i woke up the next day i felt a huge burn in my stomach. it wasnt ideal for my fitness level but it did work my stomach…


  • 5

    I had a baby 10 months ago and I’m looking for specific workouts that target my mid section. I have 5lbs that just won’t go away between my thighs and mid section and I want to get my stomach toned by June. How successful are these crunchless abs in giving you the results you want in the reasonable time you want?


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