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Diet Point is a weight management application designed to provide comprehensive weight loss solutions to individuals looking to lose weight. The free application is available in the Google Play store for Android devices as well as the iTunes store for Apple products. After downloading the application, you have the ability to select from more than 150 diet plans, including, the Mediterranean Diet, Paleo Diet, Raw Food Diet, High Fiber Diet, Vegetarian/Vegan Diet and Low Carb/Fat Diets. Dieters also have access to the Diet Point community.

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  • Weight management application designed to assist with weight loss and weight management.

Product Features

Diet Point is a free application for Apple and Android devices. The application allows individuals to choose from more than 150 diet plans and provides daily guidance to ensure you reach your goals. The diets take into account your Basal Metabolic rate to estimate the amount of weight you could potentially lose with each diet. An added feature is the grocery list. You input the foods necessary for a particular diet and print the shopping list.

Eating according to your diet plan presents challenges, but Diet Point provides a constant reminder as to when you should eat. If you are not interested in the preset diet plan, you have the ability to customize your plan. Dieters in need of motivation have access to a community of more than 2 million like-minded individuals seeking similar weight management results.

Although Diet Point provides motivational tools, you will need the motivation to get started. This is essentially the hardest part. Although the information is preset, you still need to input data and use the application as designed.

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  • The application is free.
  • Diet Point is available for Apple products and Android devices.
  • There is a community with more than 2 million users.


  • There is no guarantee of weight loss.
  • The information is not linked to clinical studies.
  • There is no information from doctors or nutritionists.


The premise behind Diet Point is what dieters need when they travel away from home. The mobile dieter needs ways to remain on track and achieve weight loss goals simply by using the available technology. We like the various diet plans, considering diet plans are not one size fits all. We also like that Diet Point is free. If dieters reach their weight loss goals, they can say the investment was worth it. The main concern centers on the lack of backing from doctors or nutritionists. This is critical for any diet application in order to prove the applications viability.

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    I just started this program. I love it becuz it lays out my grocery list. Howe. It remind me of eating a snack but in my meal plane it does not tell me what I can eat. I’m doing the 2 wk flat belly plan


  • 2

    It doesn’t work. I have not been able to login since I got the app. I checked “forgot password” so I can get a new one. But I never get a email to reset it. And yes I checked my spam folder.


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