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Dr. Miller’s Holy Tea was created by Dr. Bill Miller (PhD). The tea offers a blend of herbs that has been used for various health conditions for more than 20 years, according to the website. At the heart of the herbal tea is detoxification. The tea aims to increase daily bowel movements to three movements every day. The result of these increased bowel movements is an efficient movement of waste from the body resulting in clearer skin, increased energy and better health.

There is an official website for Dr. Miller’s Holy Tea providing tea sales, ingredient listings, instructions for use and warnings about the usage of the tea in pregnant and nursing women. The tea is said to contain cathartic herbs. Cathartic herbs are just another way of saying herbs that cause a laxative effect.


Persimmon leaves, Malva leaves, Holy Thistle, Marshmallow leaves and Blessed Thistle.

Product Features

Dr. Miller’s Holy Tea is aimed toward people with a huge variety of ailments ranging from acid reflux to belching. The website claims to aid in cleaning smoke from the body, liver health, lung health and skin health. Dr. Miller also claims inches can be lost from the waist through the regular use of the tea.

According to the website, Holy Tea needs to be added to regular brewed tea. After the brewed tea is ready, two Holy Tea bags need to be added to the hot tea. The Holy Tea bags need to be steeped without refrigeration for 4 to 6 hours before placing the tea into a refrigerator. The tea bags will stay in the tea until the entire gallon or half gallon is finished.

There are before and after photos on the website, but little information is given on the users of the Holy Tea. Some of the photos do not have captions or pounds of weight lost. There is contact information on the website in both address and email form. There are no phone numbers listed in order to keep costs down. The only ingredient listed as a weight loss ingredient is the Marshmallow leaves. They give the user a feeling of fullness.

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  • The website offers testimonials.
  • There is contact information on the website.
  • Users can buy the Holy Tea directly from the website.


  • The cost, $24.95 for 8 tea bags, is steep.
  • The testimonials are photos only.
  • There is no phone contact allowed.
  • There are no scientific studies to back up the claims.


Dr. Miller’s Holy Tea seems to be nothing more than an herbal laxative. The only weight loss ingredient are the Marshmallow leaves and those are supposed to absorb water to make the stomach feel fuller but the herbs are not ingested, they are steeped in a tea. Without scientific evidence to back up the weight loss claims, we cannot support a product helping people to lose weight with a laxative effect.

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38 User Reviews about Dr Millers Holy Tea

  • 1

    How long is the tea good for, once refrigerated?


  • 2
    Renee williams

    I have been using Dr Miller holy tea for 3yrs on & off I absolutely recommend this tea to all!


  • 3
    Renee Williams

    I have been using Dr Miller holy tea for 3yrs on & off all smiles this way! Absolutely no complaints here I totally recommend this tea.


  • 4

    I ordered it directly from them. I sent them an email asking a question, and did not get a response. I called them, and a very rude older lady answered the phone and told me they don’t respond to emails, and that they HAD NO EMAIL address on their website. (it is listed). She then said she had another call coming in and hung up on me. I have been trying to call back but they won’t answer the phone. My card has been charged the full amount, and I have no product. SCAM!!!!!!!! BEWARE!!!!



    did you ever get the prduct


  • 5

    do i have to take the tea for a month


  • 6

    I will like to purchase the tea not for loosing weight , can this tea be used just for detoxifying purposes only


    Arelisa Stephenson

    Yes, absolutely can!!


  • 7

    I started taking Wholly tea a week and a half ago and I haven’t gone to the bathroom at all. Totally constipated. Followed directions perfectly. I had to take a suppository so that I could go to the bathroom I was soooo backed up. Is this a side effect and should I keep taking it in hopes it will take effect?



    this was exactly what happen to me…


    Arelisa Stephenson

    Everything is a part of what you eat, digestion, the way the body break food down. The tea helps,it’s great. You also must exercise!!


    Your Name

    Do you drink enough water if you don’t drink any water at all and only drink the tea it will take a while before it works. How much are you drinking 8 oz before each meal and 4 oz before snacks.


  • 8
    Carl B.

    As the original article publisher pointed out, this ‘tea’ is an herbal laxative. It will make you visit the bathroom more than usual which is it’s intended purpose. But why would you want to spend the extra money for this product when you can get the exact same effect from a box of pitted prunes available for far less money, which is also herbal I may add, and on the supermarket shelf for much less. Note also this is the same tea promoted by getthetea.com on the Alex Jones Show. Use good old reliable pitted prunes and lots of warm water with a teaspoon of salt added for the identical de-tox effect and colon cleanse.


  • 9

    In my experience holy tea was a complete waste of money. I purchased the product as a gentle detox. I followed the directions of holy tea exactly, & yet by day two i was constipated & dehydrated–even though I was drinking plenty of water & eating clean. I gave the tea five more days, hoping symptoms would improve & that I may experience the tea’s positive effects that most user’s shared.i stopped the tea completely on day eight, & two days later I tarted to slowly feel better. Holy horrible tea! Five star for creating major health problems!


  • 10

    Is it okay to use tap water to make the whole tea? The water needs to be boil anyways so I was wondering. If it makes any difference what kind of water you use.

    Thank you


  • 11

    This product was amazing for many things…I used spring water & used it just like the label said. The product is very effective. It takes time to balance a body. Some of us are in better shape than others. This is the criteria for a healing process….some will and do take longer than others to see the results but I assure you this product works!!! Thank you and hope that people will be patient in the healing process of the human body.


  • 12
    Michael Wu

    This tea really flush out the crap and parasites out! It’s organic and stay away from laxatives tea!


  • 13

    I taking every day blood pressure tablets, and taking some herbal remedies for cardiovascular support, how should I take holy tea?


  • 14

    I have a question regarding the on going use of Wholy Tea, is it OK to use it daily after having done the detox week, I have continued to use it once a day, just one cup and it has really helped me with my belly troubles but is it safe to take it daily for a long time???


    red onya

    I have alot of issues with acid reflux and bloating, so I decided to try Dr. Miller holy tea. For me it was something I had to work through and I found myself in the bathroom alot. T he first week was ver painful,it was like having the flu. But I could tell it was working. I could actually feel where it was working. One night I was hurting,but again I knew it was helping me.I am on my 3rd week, and I still continue to take it evey day. If I know I need to be somewhere for over 2 hours not to take it until I am at home. Ido feel better, and seem to be more alert. Stomach troubles is something we all need to be concerned about. Everybody probaly has paraites. I found out I did. The thought that you are doing a healthy things just makes you know it is the right choice for your health. It was not fun to go through. It is not for people who want a quick fix. This is a commentment to yourself to be healthier. Medicine does not heal youit just covers the problem. Dr. Millers’s tea heals you, the longer you take it the better you feel. I have also noticed I am in a betteer mood. More positive, and they says millons to me. IF you are using it to lose wieght I have not lost any wight, but I have lost a inch. I am close to 50 so wight is harder to lose now,but my health is important, and I am a true believer in natural healing!


  • 15
    leah white

    I did not get the tea for weight loss i got it for stomach problems. i found that it works great for me. i could go a week without moving my bowls. I now am very regular. i even got my mother drinking it. However she is on a lot of meds so it took a while for it to kick in. while drink the tea i do see the removal of parasites, my skins has inproved and my night sweats and sleep have inproved.


    melissa singh

    Hi there, I started drinking dr millers tea for a month, and i have seen alot of improvement. i read there u said it took a while to kick in for ur mom because of meds? i am askking this because i am on antidepressants, however my dr did say its ok to use,


  • 16

    I started this, and by the end of the week, I lost 7lbs!.
    And only had to use 2 teabags!



    I also have asked 4 tea bags and have lost 5 lbs! My waist looks and feels slimmer. I had two babies in a 2.5 yrs and never lost the weight. I had two c sections and that caused a hangy belly because of the above scar tissue. It doesn’t hang anymore!!!! This tea is amazing and I will continue to drink it! I bought it at Pharmasave in Chilliwack B. C.


  • 17
    Molly Madski

    I have been drinking Holy Tea on and off for several years. I did not purchase it for it’s weight loss benifits but rather for it’s aid in tummy and bowel problems. In my case this product did not help much with my acid reflux but this tea DID/DOES help with lazy bowel and constipation. I do not drink it regularly anymore but if there’s ever a time where I need help in going to the bathroom, I drink 2 eight ounce glasses of this tea and the next day I can move my bowels. I highly recommend this tea to those who suffer occasional constipation.

    I would not recommend this tea to folks looking for a weight loss product.

    This product also supposively detoxifies your body and I do notice a MAJOR increase in urination (so if you’d don’t like getting up 2-3 times in the middle of the night this tea may not be for you.) My skin is also clearer. (I suffer from mild adult acne)

    It’s important to brew the tea correctly for it to work. This is what works for me:

    -Almost boil 1 quart of distilled drinking water. (buy a gallon jug)

    -Remove from burner.

    -Drop in two tea bags of your choosing (I like raspberry zinger) and two bags of the Holy Tea. (4 tea bags soaking in the 1 quart of almost boiled water)

    -Do not touch bags just let them float), they easily poke & rip.

    -Let the tea concentrate sit for 6-8 hours.

    -Mix concentrate back into your gallon water jug and refridgerate.

    -Drink it cold or over ice (quickly don’t let ice melt too much and water it down)

    -For very strong tea leave holy bags in the jug the entire time you are refridgerating it, for weaker tea, throw used tea bags out. (I throw mine out as I have had a tea bag rip and I had to drink the herbs. OOPS!)



    I thought we weren’t supposed to mix the tea with anything else because the tea lost its potency



    I make the tea with anything…..juice, kook-aid, cranberry juice, etc. It still works the same!


  • 18
    Flora Girardi

    I have been taking the Wholy Tea for six months and not found it very helpful as right now I am haedly doing any bowel movements.So I would like to know what is going on and if you can help me, please let me know. I am taking three times a day and getting very upset as I have prophlems as I have a Lazy Bowel.
    I am drinking water and using baking soda and Apple Cidar.
    I would like to hear from you.
    Thank You.
    Flora Girardi



    Hi, i have the same symptoms as you are, in some stage was disappointing with tea, BUT, keep take tea it’s will work for you. some times take more than 2-3 glasses of tea. I did , my body finally accepted. feel great. good luck.



    Hi Flora you should drink it with the finest water you can possibly use like vitel water try giving the baking soda a go with organic maple syrup cook 1 part baking soda and 3 parts organic maple for 10 mins on very low heat let cool then take 1 to 3 teaspoons once a week or more if required.


  • 19
    gregory gittens

    does lasco remove internal bacterial infections


  • 20
    Ann Partin




    Hey Ann.. I’m wondering if you would be able to tell me how this product worked out for you afterwards? Thanks :)



    This did not works so far. I have been taking it for 2 weeks and no changes in bowel or weight. Doing as directed. Seems like a waste of money. I heard that Smooth Move tea works really well, so going to try that one.



    Be careful taking smooth move tea. It contains senna. It works by irritating your bowels to produce a movement. It also leaves a residue on your bowel wall. It has many unpleasant side effects and can not be used if you have high blood pressure. It should never be used on a regular basis

  • 21
    Rose Marie Pack

    Please cancel my automatic order. I could not find your E-Mail address. ID# 314008, Thank you. Rose Marie Pack



    In my experience, holy tea was a complete waste of money. I purchased this product as a “gentle detox”. i followed the directions of holy tea exactly, and yet by day two i was constipated & dehydrated–even though i was drinking plenty of water & eating clean. i gave the tea five more days, hoping symptoms would improve,. i stopped the tea completely on day eight, and two days later i slowly started to feel better. Holy Horrible tea! Five star for creating major health problems!



    One man’s medicine is another’s poison.. It works for me, It over works for me to be precise, I have to be near the toilet at least 3 times a day now. ouch,