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The Dr. Oz One-Day Diet is designed so that every day feels like the first day of a new diet. Dieters often start out a new eating plan with bright hopes and lots of will power. As the diet progresses, the will power wanes and the dieter falls off the healthy eating and exercise plan. The Dr. Oz One-Day Diet lasts more than one-day, the title is just a play on the fact that each day the dieter needs to approach the eating plan as if it were a new diet.

The diet is explained in detail on the Good Housekeeping Magazine website. Dieters can look at sample menu plans for an entire week. This is huge offering from Dr. Oz as a dieter can mix and match the week’s menu and create an entire eating plan based on the seven days described. The diet should be followed consistently for weight loss.

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Diet tips from Dr. Oz.

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The sample menu plan offers as much detail as we need to review this eating plan. Breakfasts consist of oatmeal, Kashi products, whole grain waffles and whole wheat toast. Protein sources for breakfast include peanut butter and egg. Some mornings the dieter eats brown rice, but it is prepared like rice pudding.

Lunch menus include veggie burgers, brown rice California rolls and pita pizzas. Dinners include lentil salad, shrimp and foods ordered from a local restaurant. The dine out day gives the dieter a chance to eat the foods they love and still lose weight. A guide to eating out is provided with the Dr. Oz One-Day Diet.

Snacks on the plan include cottage cheese, low-fat cheese and nuts. Most of the meals include a lean source of vegetarian protein, though eggs and turkey make a showing once in a while.

There is no detailed information on exercise, but Dr. Oz is an advocate of regular exercise. He suggests doing something new every day to support your new eating plan and keeping things fresh.

There is no book to buy or website to join. The entire plan is available free of charge online. Dieters can even download the plan to their personal computer to print for easy reference.

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  • The diet is free.
  • Foods are healthy, low-fat and high protein.
  • Vegetarian sources of protein are supported.
  • Easy to follow instructions that support exercise.


  • Supplements are not mentioned.


The Dr. Oz One-Day Diet is not a one-day diet. According to the world-renowned doctor, the diet is supposed to feel like a new diet every day so there is no chance of falling off the plan. The eating advice is sound and a dieter can easily add a proven supplement for added support.

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