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Educogym is a brand of fitness facilities located primarily in the United Kingdom that utilizes a special program called Time Machine, an exercise component that claims to eliminate lost time due to changing up exercise routines during a workout. Guided by specialized staff that also instructs dieters on proper eating habits, Educogym markets itself as the go-to place to develop a thinner, leaner physique in mere weeks. According to testimonials posted on their website, they did not lose exorbitant amounts of weight, but they did eliminate plenty of body fat and inches around the waist, hips, and thighs. Educogym may be difficult to find for U.S. consumers — it was recently introduced in America and only hosts a few facilities in this country — but U.K. consumers have become very acquainted with the facility and its “revolutionary” program.

Educogym is one of the few exercise facilities available that offers a unique exercise program to dieters, and offers experimental exercises instead of time-tested routines. The uncertainly may be too much for some, but its new approach to exercise has captivated the attention of many dieters, hence its success. The expense is not an issue, either, and only required a nominal membership fee. An in depth look into Educogym should provide better insight into its program.


A well balanced low-carb or GI Diet is prescribed along with regular use of their exercise machine, called Time Machine.

Product Features

Educogym utilizes a machine called Time Machine, designed by them as a faster way to workout. They claim dieters only need to use their machine for 20 minutes to see results, and continued use of it dramatically cuts down on body fat and promotes a leaner, fitter physique. According to testimonials posted on their website, it may true — pictures are also provided to illustrate the effect. There is no information available about the machine outside of its website, however, and no experts have brandished it a “revolutionary” product.

A specialized diet is also recommended to dieters by Educogym experts, and counseling begins right in their fitness center. GI and low-carb diets are normally prescribed, but are said to be customized according to a dieter’s preferences and health concerns. GI and low-carb diets are shown to cause weight loss in the short term, but its long term effects are a bit sketchy.

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  • Experts are assigned to each dieter for one-on-one support concerning diet and fitness goals.
  • The Educogym’s custom machine, Time Machine, provides an experimental and new approach to exercise.


  • Time Machine has not been recommended by any other experts, and little information is available about the machine.
  • The diet recommended with their program may not provide substantial long term benefits.
  • Only a few facilities are available in the United States, and some may not be willing to travel to utilize the program.


Educogym is different from other fitness facilities because of its unique, experimental approach to weight loss, utilizing a program created by their company. There are no independent studies showing the effectiveness of its program, however, but dieters seem to support the effectiveness of their patented machine Time Machine.

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  • 1
    Will porter

    i joined up this week. They looked after me great so far but i may have a little bit of a head start.

    I am overweight, i know i got to loose it and so far its working wonders, i am aching all over but i know this is temporary until the muscles recover better, i think the gym itself does what i need. First month 20mins max per day, i do it before work and walk to the branch at 6.20 each morning before i go to work.

    Personally i have done weights/training before and know the way this will go. The thing for me now is loosing the weight, knowing what to eat/drink and how much i need to exercise to keep a flat line on my weight, even after leaving Edu.

    For me, its not only the gym that i need to work at, its my mentality also. After i finish with them after 3month i may renew, if i do its money well spent to be worth the end goal, so far though i am being more positive, know my goals, focus on what i want to achieve and a make this work.

    You can do TRX in your home for no cost with the same exercises, you can go to your local gym, for me though i always got “comfortable” in my workout. Having done this HiT workout programe, i can tell you its dam hard, some people are not mentally prepared to stick to it, some dont like the lactic acid buildup in their muscles, then again i do as i know i am working them.

    I can only say what i have seen so far, i just go there, push myself 100% and if i slacked the trainers point out my progress and what i am doing wrong, and that’s what i needed, not everyone is the same.

    If you undertake any life changes its going to be hard, its not supposed to be easy, however me joining here is a step in the right direction.


  • 2
    Frank slade

    My wife and I joined educo gym in south Dublin in the summer to learn how to exercise properly in a short period of time and also lose some weight in the process. When we went to join the staff could not be nicer and welcomed us with open arms, we joined up for 3 months each at 219 per month per person and then all the supplements which came to close to 600. After the three months we decided to join another “normal” gym that was nearer to us to continue exercising as educo gym is not really a long term affordable option at 219 per person per month. Also with two young kids the trek was not possible as often as we would like to go. My wife who had difficulty remembering her exercises as when you join you are given a card like most gyms, so she called the ladies at the gym and asked could she simply have her exercise card outlining her exercises and the weight she finished up when she left educo. The minute they realized she was leaving the tone changed, she was ltold she could have the simple exercise card but then when I called into request the card personally, nobody would talk to me and simply refused to give it to me as it was their property and company policy.after spending 2000 euro with then company you would think that apiece of paper which is now good to anybody else would not be a big deal right? WRONG! The minute they sense the customer has made a decision to leave good business practice and customer service go out the window. Would I recommend educo gym? In short No! Not a chance but make your own decision this is just my experience.


  • 3
    Sinead Kelly

    I have paid a full year’s membership and want to leave the gym after 3 months…what are my rights and am I entitled to two tirds of my money back? Find the gym instructors treat me like a child and have been insulting of my shape


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