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Flares Pants are a line of fitness apparel from Zaggora. The product is designed to increase the metabolic rate of the dieter; resulting in increased weight loss, especially in the lower body. The product is available on the official website and is rather pricey. Is the product worth the money? We will see.

List of Ingredients


  • Thermogenic fitness apparel.

Product Features

Flares Pants is thermogenic fitness apparel from Zaggora. The produce claims to increase the metabolic rate of the dieter through a patented lining. The product attempts to target the lower half of the body, primarily the thighs, calves and hamstrings. Listed on the website are the colors and the sizes. We found the product available in sizes small to extra large. Unlike other fitness apparel, Flares Pants are form fitting and potentially will not move during strenuous exercise.

We have seen several fitness pants on the market, but not with such a high price tag. On the official website, Flares Pants retails for approximately $112. Any product without proven results costing this much is out of touch with the average dieter. We note this considering the testimonials on the website. Zaggora claims the metabolic rate increases 18% when wearing Flares Pants versus other Zaggora products. There is no mention if a dieter’s metabolic rate increases when non-Zaggora pants are worn. It appears as if the results don’t tell the whole story.

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  • Flares Pants are available in a variety of colors.
  • The product is available in a multitude of sizes.
  • Flares Pants potentially increase the metabolic rate of the dieter.


  • There are no considerations listed relating to diet and exercise.
  • Flares Pants does not disclose clinical trials or produce evidence of scientific research.
  • The product is pricey.
  • There is no guarantee of effectiveness.
  • The weight loss through sweating is gained upon hydrating.


If you are looking for stylish apparel, Flares Pants are the way to go. The product is available is a multitude of colors and sizes for all body types. If cost is a consideration, Flares Pants is not the most cost-effective solution. At $112, Flares Pants is too costly for the average dieter. Price aside, the product does not guarantee weight loss. Although the pants have the technology to produce increased heat, there are no studies associated with the effectiveness. The statements claim to increase the metabolic rate of the dieter by a minimum of 18% versus other products from Zaggora. The facts on the website don’t test Flares Pants versus a control product. We like stylish apparel, but don’t think Flares Pants are taking the correct approach to appeal to the masses.

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