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Energy drinks and weight loss beverages are becoming quite popular. After all, it is easy and convenient to grab a bottled beverage on the go in order to boost your energy or stave off hunger. Well, one option is Fuze Slenderize (one bottle costs around $2). You may have encountered this beverage online or in a local store. According to the manufacturer, this unique juice beverage can help you with getting slimmer. Although it is not emphasized, a healthy eating plan and regular exercise can be combined with Fuze Slenderize drinks. Flavors like blueberry raspberry, cranberry raspberry, and strawberry melon are available. You can even find a Facebook page for this weight management product.


  • L-Carnitine 20 milligrams
  • Vitamin C 100%
  • Super Citrimax 200 milligrams
  • Chromium 15%

Product Features

Fuze Slenderize is one of many juice beverages at your disposal these days. However, what makes this product unique is that it aims to suppress your appetite, provide antioxidant protection, support lean muscle tissue, and boost energy levels. One factor that makes Fuze Slenderize convenient is that these drinks are commonly offered in supercenters, grocery stores, and even some drugstores. The bottles are flashy to draw in attention, and the flavors are supposed to be tasty, as opposed to some diet products, which are not.

Four major ingredients are used in Fuze Slenderize. These are Vitamin C (combats damaging free radicals in the body, and supports overall health), Chromium (supports lean muscle tissue and combats hunger), L-Carnitine (supports muscle tissue, reduces fatigue, and aids with fat loss), and Super Citrimax (this ingredient contains Garcinia Cambogia, which suppresses appetite). The total calories in a serving of Fuze Slenderize is ten, and Splenda is an artificial sweetener used in this product to keep the calorie count low.

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  • This weight loss beverage is readily available in many stores.
  • Fuze Slenderize contains 100% of your daily Vitamin C.
  • This beverage may help suppress your appetite.


  • There are no fat-burning ingredients used in this juice drink.
  • Some dieters may prefer a pill or capsule formula.
  • There is no special diet or fitness regimen recommended with Fuze Slenderize.
  • It may be less expensive and more beneficial to your health to drink all-natural juice instead.


If you enjoy convenient juice beverages, then you may appreciate Fuze Slenderize. After all, this product is low in calories, contains Vitamin C, and may help stave off hunger at times. However, there are no major fat-burning ingredients used in Fuze Slenderize drinks. Therefore it is unlikely that these beverages will aid you with long-term fat loss. Also, there is no regular exercise routine or healthy diet plan incorporated to encourage real weight reduction and healthier living habits.

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  • 1
    YourSharon Name

    i LOVE Fuze Slenderize Drinks! Please, please bring them back to Walmart in south Alabama! They really helped curb my appetite and give me energy.


  • 2
    Cynthia L. Reilly

    A Few years ago I started drinking Fuze slenderize one bottle an hour before dinner every night, in six months, I lost 30lbs. while drinking it, and I’m going to go back to drinking it, I have a goal of getting down to 145lbs,I would like to lose it before Christmas of this year. I’ve gone from 250lbs, down to 210, and I know that I can do it, For those who want to lose weight, first off you need to ask a very serious question, and it is Do you eat to live, or do you live to eat?, If you can answer this question honestly, and you get the right answer, then you are on the way to lose the weight, You don’t have to give up the foods you love to eat, As they everything in moderation, and it you can do that, that will help you lose the weight, I was in my late teens, when I was told by a doctor, don’t bother to try to lose the weight, do to the fact, when I was a little girl the doctors had to give me shots to put the weight on, due to the fact I couldn’t put on the weight, and when I was sixteen I started putting on the weight. Don’t listen to the doctors it they say you can’t lose the weight, you can if you put your mind to it. Believe in yourself, love your self, and you can love others.


  • 3

    I had issues every time I drank it. I’d stop drinking it and the issues would vanish within days. Then months later I’d drink it again, and again those issues would return.


  • 4

    I love this drink.It works for me .I follow a healthy diet and exercise.I can’t find it anywhere.It has disappeared.Dies anyone know why?


  • 5
    Angie Samborski

    Cannot find product.Why is it not available?


  • 6
    minnie lindse



  • 7
    lynnda kemp

    I love the taste and find it very effective with a workout program. I don’t Have the unwanted cravings I used to have.


  • 8

    I live in the DC area, and the stores tell me that it is not being manufactured any more. Why, and where can I get it?


  • 9
    linda morgan

    i’m diabetic love this drink hard to find


  • 10
    Teresa Bennett

    Absolutely love this product!! So where did it go? Stores could not keep it on their shelves, now they cannot get it to put on the shelves. What gives? There are a lot of people are missing that great tasting drink of yours. Please can you bring it back to us or let us know where we would purchase this wonderful item of yours. Thanks for listening.


  • 11
    Sherri Roberts

    bring it back…….to all the stores, WE SO WANT IT…….


    Sherri Roberts



    Your Name

    The tropical fruit was my favorite drink. I would buy them in bulk at the Oncue service stations or from Walmart. They helped me loose 50lbs because of the chromium in the bottle. The larger bottles have 2 much sugar and carbohydrates. PLEASE BRING THEM BACK


  • 12
    Sherri Roberts

    LOVE FUZE SLENDERIZE, bought 12 to 24 bottles a week, that was my mixer for my vodka, ( blueberry or the watermelon loved the most, bought it at Walmart all the time, but could go to Rogers or cvs or dollar general, now no where to be found, doing the MIO thing know, admit it easier for travel but I like the fuze better, what the heck YINS doin, there’s lotsa of people want them


  • 13

    I have been drinking Fuze Slenderize for breakfast everyday since they came out. I love the flavors and the low calorie content. I love all flavors! Please HELP I can not find them anywhere! I usually buy them by the case just so I knew I would not run out.


    Your Name

    Did you find sny


  • 14

    HELP!! Where can I buy Fuze Slenderize??


  • 15
    Your Name

    I can not find them anywhere recently??? Where did they go!! I usually have one everyday!!! Are they discontinued?


  • 16
    lisa coffey

    I love drinking fuze tropical punch, iam so upset that I cant get them any more . Please bring them back . They have help me with my weight. Theres nothing out theres nothing like it an hs low calorie s


  • 17
    Who bottles, Fuze Slenderize?

    I love Fuze Slenderize…but cannot locate a retail store to purchase it from locally. Who sells it in San Antonio, Texas?


  • 18

    I love this product. It doesn’t make any promises. From the list of ingredients it is definitely healthy. I drink one everyday. I would like to drink more than one, within reason, but I am concerned about the harmful side affects of consuming too much of the non traditional ingredients.


    minnie lindsey

    This is a fantastic product. I have used all slenderize for 2 years I have kept my cravings and weight in check. Now no one in Beaumont Texas carries it. It sold in all stores as fast aS IT WAS PUT OUT. wHY HAS IT BEEN DISCONTINUED (THAT IS WHAT ALL THE PARTICIPATING STORES HAVE TOLD ME.) yOU NEED TO GET THIS PRODUCT BACK IN THE STORES IN bEAUMONT tEXAS . i REALLY MISS IT. pLEASE REPLY WHERE TO BUY


    Mike Fagan

    Need to know where I can buy Fuze ?



    I really love this drink I have been buying for years! I love and need this kind of bottle to use with my failing hands. Where can I buy some??


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