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Gaiam is a company that distributes green living and yoga products. Gaiam is pronounced “guy-um” and the company was founded in 1988 as a fusion of the words “I am” and “Gaia” which means Mother Earth. The company believes in providing products and services to people who value the environment and a healthy lifestyle. In addition to the products offered, there is an informative library full of articles on all kinds of different topics related to the products.


There are no ingredients as this is a company who provides products.

Product Features

Gaiam provides a wide range of products and services to consumers. Some of these products include outdoor products, yoga studio products, and more. Also included in the product line is apparel. There is an outlet store for people who are looking for discounted items, and specific section for gifts.

The website does a great job of making navigation easy on the user. Everything is professionally presented and everything looks wonderful. Each category of products presents a subcategory listing with things like lighting, climate control, air and water quality.

The products vary in price though are generally affordable for most people. Besides having yoga equipment for sale, people can also find yoga instructors in their local area so as to help themselves learn the technique to get the best possible results.

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  • Offer a wide variety of products to a consumer audience.
  • Website offers contact information.


  • Does not offer any weight loss supplements.


This seems to be a great company to purchase products from. The company has been around for two decades and definitely has a good track record with their consumer base. In addition to their products, the Wellness Clinic and the Media Library offer great amounts of information to those who are looking to change their lifestyles for the better. If you are looking for a weight loss supplement, this will not be the place to find it, though you will be able to find information and equipment on doing yoga and other forms of exercise that will help you gain strength and muscle that will in turn assist in the weight loss efforts. Combine the products you see on the website with a healthy diet and increased water intake with a yoga program and you will surely see the pounds shed off.

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