Golden Monkey Black Tea Review

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Golden Monkey Black Tea is a variety of tea sold by Teavana. Black tea has more caffeine than other varieties of tea, including green tea and white tea. Caffeine is proven to boost metabolism and weight loss, but not all dieters can drink caffeine without feeling negative side effects. Golden Monkey Black Tea is a gold tipped, Imperial Reserve tea that originated in the Song Dynasty. Today, the tea is extremely expensive. It sells for $9.25 per ounce on the Teavana website. Each ounce provides about 15 teaspoons of tea with one teaspoon suggested per serving.

List of Ingredients


  • Black tea.

Product Features

When it comes to losing weight, dieters are constantly looking for simple ways to integrate healthy food and drink into a weight loss diet. In terms of tea, black tea has a higher concentration of caffeine per serving than other forms of tea. According to the product description on the Teavana website, Golden Monkey Black Tea only contains 20-percent of the caffeine found in coffee, which is much lower than we expected.

The benefits listed on the Teavana website include maintaining a healthy heart and healthy circulation. There are no links to clinical proof of these claims, but the studies completed on black tea and other tea varieties are fairly simple to find online

In terms of weight loss, the dieter is not likely to notice any significant weight loss from drinking Golden Monkey Black Tea alone. The tea may increase energy and metabolism with regular use. The lower than average caffeine content may mean some dieters used to taking caffeine or drinking caffeinated beverages won’t feel the effect of the tea, however.

According to the Teavana website, consumers can blend the Golden Money Black Tea with other teas to create their very own tea recipe. Some of the suggested teas include white tea, oolong tea and rooibos tea.

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  • Contains black tea.
  • Contains caffeine.
  • Generally safe for all dieters.


  • Not proven to boost weight loss.
  • More expensive than other varieties of tea.
  • May not increase energy if the dieter is used to drinking caffeinated beverages.


Golden Monkey Black Tea is an expensive tea variety with quite the heritage. Tea lovers will likely fall in love with the cocoa undertones and the mild flavor and the caffeine content and heart-healthy boost associated with drinking tea is a welcome benefit. However, this tea is no more effective at increasing weight loss than other, cheaper varieties of black tea.

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