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Green Breeze Green Tea is a green tea powder that claims to be far superior to other powdered green tea supplements. The company makes a point to call out sports drinks and other liquid supplements as possibly causing more problems than solutions. According to Green Breeze, these products contain fillers, sugar, caffeine and other ingredients that are simply not needed. A healthy, all-natural solution as a sports drink, weight loss drink and for hydration is green tea, which just so happens to be clinically proven to boost metabolism. But, as is the case with nearly every company in the weight loss market, are the claims supported by the ingredient list?

List Of Ingredients


  • Camellia Sinensis leaves.

Product Features

Green Breeze takes 100% traditional green tea and turns that green tea into a powder that easily mixes with water. That water can be hot or cold. The powder is not sweetened, so you’ll need to add the all-natural sweetener of your choice to complete the ultimate weight loss or sports drink. You can choose agave nectar, honey or other artificial sweetener – as desired.

Each packet contains 97 mg of catechins and about 25 mg of caffeine. The dieter can consume more than one packet per sitting and multiple servings per day. If you are sensitive to caffeine, Green Breeze is the ideal way to get your green tea metabolism boost without the huge caffeine push, but if you want a caffeine push just pack four or five packets into one drink and consume.

There are no additional ingredients in the Green Breeze packet. You can purchase the product in individual packets or bulk powder. The packets are easier to use because each dose is premeasured, but the bulk bag is better if you will be taking more than one dose at a time.

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  • Green Breeze contains nothing more than green tea.
  • The green tea in the packet dissolves in water – hot or cold.
  • Can be used in combination with other proven ingredients like chromium.
  • Contains caffeine – low dose.


  • May not contain enough caffeine to boost energy much.
  • Costs more than traditional green tea bags.


When we research products we look at everything about the product. Green Breeze is a good product. There are no added ingredients, the sole ingredient is proven, the dose is premeasured, there’s just enough caffeine and the ingredient is safe for nearly everyone. This is a good product that we think dieters could use as part of a weight loss program or as a natural sports drink.

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