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What You Should Know

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Grizzly is a company based out of Canada that specializes in exercise belts and various weightlifting products. These products include boxing gloves, jump ropes, wraps, gloves, and cables. Many of their fitness accessories are made from of leather, which is manufactured by Custom Leather Canada Ltd., Grizzly’s sister company. Their products are sold in the US and Canada, being most recognizable in Canada. Also, they currently supply 43 other countries through international retail sites.

Within the US, Grizzly is best known for the training gloves they carry. These gloves come in a variety of styles, shapes, sizes, and were generally designed for men. Recently, Grizzly added lines of products that would cater to women. These products included pink gloves intended to raise breast cancer awareness, a full line of belts, and accessories geared toward female bodybuilders and general fitness.

List of Products

Grizzly’s workout products include various styles of gloves, jump ropes, straps, lifting hooks, chalk, and other accessories. Their exercise equipment is available for purchase at The more affordable lifting attire and accessories range from $18-$25, and the more expensive belts top out at about $50. The more cost-effective belts and wraps are for the beginning weight lifter, whereas, the more expensive is for the more advanced consumer.

Product Features

The Grizzly product line is considered rather affordable, and some retail sites offer price breaks and sales. For instance, the Grizzly Paws Training Gloves usually retail for $19.99, but they are currently on sale on this retail site for $13.79.

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  • The gloves and belts received good reviews on the, Amazon, and Grizzly’s website from users and professional athletes.
  • The products are readily available online for purchase and are very affordable.
  • The Grizzly brand makes products that are customized toward men and women.
  • Their website looks professional and up-to-date as well as offers the ability for consumers to purchase their equipment.


  • Some of the products available on the website do not offer refunds for any reason.
  • If you purchase the equipment online there is no way to test it to ensure that it works well and fits appropriately.
  • Grizzly fitness does not appear to have as much recognition in the United States as they do in Canada which may harm their brand’s credibility in the states.


Grizzly gym equipment was developed to be used by the average consumer whose goal is not lose weight and get in shape. Their products are meant for professional athletes and average consumers alike, just as long as they are looking for a durable, affordable, and well performing fitness equipment.

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