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Father and son team Mike and Stuart McInnes have turned traditional dieting theories on their head with their Hibernation Diet program. Whereas most diets tell us not to eat anything before we go to bed, they in fact advocate the opposite. Shockingly, a major part of the Hibernation Diet consists of taking two spoons of honey before you go to bed. Mike McInnes is a Pharmacist and Stuart McInnes is a Nutritional expert. They spent a number of years researching recovery theory on the body as regards weight loss, before they conceived of the Hibernation Diet. They tell us that the honey and fructose in honey fuels the liver and stimulates the release of recovery hormones, which will regenerate the tissues in the body as well as burning fat whilst we sleep.


There are no ingredients; the Hibernation Diet is a set of dietary conceived by husband and father team Mike and Stuart McInnes.

Product Features

Although the major feature of the Hibernation Diet is taking honey before you sleep, we are told that for the diet to have maximum effect you should also incorporate resistance exercise and a daily healthy eating plan. Mike and Stuart McInnes have also published a book of the same name. The book explains in detail the theories behind their diet. Honey has, of course, been seen as a “super food” for centuries upon centuries by many cultures. Honey is a natural sweetner and is extremely nutritional. It contains vitamin B6, B1, B2 and B5.We are told that by taking two spoonfuls before you sleep, either directly from the jar or in a hot drink, you will keep your blood sugar levels balanced while your recovery hormones set about burning fat stores. The book, The Hibernation Diet talks a great deal about the benefits of honey, and also presents meal plans for breakfast, lunch and dinner which you can incorporate into your diet. It also describes some step-by-step resistance exercises. The book can be easily purchased from online bookstores, and the price seems to vary depending on the vendor.

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  • The book, The Hibernation Diet, can be purchased at a reasonable price.
  • Honey is known to have numerous health benefits.
  • The Hibernation Diet seems relatively easy to follow and does not seem to involve tremendous stretches of willpower.


  • Apart from the inclusion of honey before you sleep the concept of this diet is similar to a whole range of other diets on the market today.
  • The inclusion of exercises and healthy eating means that, even if your weight loss is successful, you will not know if it is the honey or the change in lifestyle that has lead to this weight loss.
  • Taking honey before going to sleep may not be a suitable habit for those who suffer from diabetes.
  • There are a large number of diet books on the market today, and there is little scientific data to back up the practices outlined in The Hibernation Diet.


At the end of the day, there is no real proof that this diet works, but if you want to benefit from the nutritional contents of honey, you can always try taking two spoons before you go to sleep at night. Besides that, we don’t really see any breakthroughs that the Hibernation Diet has to offer those looking to lose weight.

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