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Hoodia Gordonii has an active ingredient called p57 which is a molecule that is said to mimic glucose as it pertains to how it tells your brain that you are satisfied and full. A person’s Hypothalamus controls the appetite and is directly affected by glucose levels in the body. Hoodia Gordonii is said to have the ability to fake this signal to the brain. The Hoodia Gordonii plant was originally utilized by natives in South Africa as a natural appetite suppressant and its properties are being captured in modern times in many diet pills and other weight loss products. Government officials in South Africa are supposed to certify all Hoodia Gordonii plants which leave their county due to the fact that it is considered to be an endangered species. A specific permit called C.I.T.E.S. is supposed to be issued, so if you are purchasing Hoodia products on the Internet, you should be sure their product is C.I.T.E.S. certified.

List of Ingredients

Hoodia Fat Burner claims to have a blend of unique ingredients to provide dieters with a potent weight loss product with thermogenic properties. According to the official website for Hoodia Fat Burner, the ingredients are: Hoodia Gordonii, Guarana, Gymnema Sylvestris, Phosphatidyl and Chromium Polynicotinate.

Product Features

In a study published in the September 2004 issue of a magazine called Brain Research, it suggested that when injections of p57 were injected into brains of rats, it resulted in altered levels of ATP. ATP is an energy molecule that may affect hunger triggers. The rats receiving the P57 injections ate less than rats that received placebo injections. Since this was in fact an animal study and injections into the brain cannot be attributed as being the same as taking Hoodia orally, makes the claim’s that Hoodia suppresses the appetite in humans bogus. Hoodia Gordonii products continue to be marketed in several forms which include: capsules, tablets, liquid teas, coffees, syrups, protein shakes and in diet bars.

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  • Hoodia worked as an appetite suppressant in laboratory rats.


  • There are no published clinical studies of humans using Hoodia as an aid to weight loss.
  • Because Hoodia Gordonii is considered to be an endangered species, exports must be accompanied by a permit.
  • A lot of imposters and fraudulent Hoodia products have shown up on the Internet and on store shelves.


The future of Hoodia remains to be seen. In 2007, Pharmaceutical giant Pfizer teamed up with Phytopharm, funding a research study. They dropped out when making a pill out of the active ingredient found in Hoodia seemed out of reach. So called Hoodia Gordonii products continue to show up on store shelves. Despite its popularity, there are no published controlled clinical trials with humans to prove that Hoodia is safe or effective in suppressing the appetite.

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