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Hoodiadrene is a weight loss supplement that combines the appetite suppressing quality of hoodia with something called Advantra Z, which has fat burning effects. Hoodia is a natural ingredient derived from the South African hoodia cactus, and is a popular appetite suppressant that is supposed to act on the brain, making it think the body’s appetite has been satisfied. Advantra Z is a Chinese extract formulated from immature bitter orange, which is said to accelerate the metabolic rate and increase the breakdown of stored fat in the body. Hoodiadrene is said to stop food cravings and increase the metabolic rate without affecting heart rate or blood pressure, and fat burning stimulation takes place mainly in the liver.


Hoodiadrene contains Vitamin C, Pantothenic Acid, Vitamin B6, Magnesium, Green Tea Extract, Synephrine, Cocoa Extract, Acetyl L-Tyrosine, Yerba Mate, dl-Methionine, Ginger Root, Queceting, Fisetin, DMAE, Grape Seed Extract and Hoodia Gordonii.

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The recommended dosage of Hoodiadrene is 2 capsules about 30 minutes before meals, 3 times per day. It is suggested that the number of capsules can be decreased if you feel you are losing weight too fast in the first 10 days. 1 bottle of Hoodiadrene contains 150 capsules so it should be almost a 1 month supply. Taking Hoodiadrene can also result in boosted energy and strength. Some possible side effects of Hoodiadrene could be nausea, insomnia and nervousness due to the stimulant effects of the green tea extract. Although the product site indicates there is no risk of increase heart rate or blood pressure from the Advantra Z, those people with hypertension should be aware that those negative side effects are possible due to the caffeine in the green tea extract.

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  • Hoodiadrene contains a popular appetite suppressant and fat burning ingredients, to promote more effective weight loss.


  • The stimulants in Hoodiadrene could cause negative side effects and adversely affect overall health.
  • The effectiveness of Hoodia Gordonii as an appetite suppressant is still medically unproven.


Hoodiadrene is said to be an appetite suppressing, thermogenic fat burner made by Newton-Everett that will significantly increase the chances of successful weight loss. Those interested in a product containing hoodia, currently a very popular natural supplement, may be attracted to this product because it also contains a so-called powerful fat burner. The product sells for around $39.95 a bottle, and it is worth noting that there is no money-back guarantee offered if the customer is not completely satisfied. This alone makes the product seem a little risky, since many companies selling similar products do offer some kind of guarantee. The official website itself does not contain testimonials or information regarding clinical studies that support the claims made about the product. There are websites attesting to the effectiveness of some of the individual ingredients, but Hoodiadrene would be more appealing if there were some success stories associated with the product itself.

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