Immune Boost Probiotic Review

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What You Should Know

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Immune Boost Probiotic is a supplement designed to protect the body against the germs that cause the flu and other common illnesses. In terms of weight loss, staying healthy is crucial to maintaining a fitness program and healthy eating habits, but Immune Boost Probiotic will offer very little, if any, boost to the fat burning system like other weight loss supplements.

List of Ingredients

Lactobacillus Bulgaricus, Lactobacillus Acidophilus and Lactobacillus Bifidusis.

Product Features

Probiotic Immune Boost is an affiliate product with many sellers and no up to date information. Nearly every website claiming to be the official website linked to other supplements, like Power Colon Cleanse, or to a third party website saying the promotion for a free trial bottle was over. With the popularity of colon cleansing and probiotics as part of a healthy weight loss program, it seems the Immune Boost Probiotic would have some footing but the general lack of information may leave the consumer looking for other options.

The information that was available tried to link probiotics with a healthy immune system. While this link is viable, there is a stronger link between probiotics and a healthy digestive system and proper absorption of vitamins and nutrients from food. Again, this could be an angle the company should have thought about when promoting the supplement.

Immune Boost Probiotic is advertised on the Internet as being offered with a free trial bottle. If the bottle is not returned, the supplement is placed on an auto-ship program and the consumer is charged $83.96 every month for a new supply. This price is much higher than other probiotic supplements and may be used to pull more money from the consumer who forgets to cancel the first shipment.

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  • Probiotics are healthy bacteria that are good for intestinal health.
  • Unhealthy diets have been shown to decrease natural probiotics levels and thus decrease weight loss.


  • No official website could be found for Immune Boost Probiotic.
  • The price for one month’s supply is far greater than comparable supplements.
  • Most websites offering the product for sale are affiliates rather than sellers.
  • Orders are placed on an auto-ship program.
  • Products are hard to find online.


Probiotics are needed for a healthy intestinal system. Recent studies have linked antibiotic use and eating processed foods to lower probiotic levels in the body. In these cases, probiotics could help to return the digestive system back to a healthier place and thus improve weight loss. The lack of information and official website for Immune Boost Probiotics may turn off most consumers from buying the product. Weight loss supplements, however, may be a good alternative for those wishing to lose weight and increase metabolism naturally.

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