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Inversion tables are fitness pieces that suspend the body upside down to increase blood flow throughout the body. According to information about inversion tables, suspension increases hydration of spinal discs, reduces pressure on nerves in the back and neck, helps to align the skeleton, relax muscles in the back and neck and improve flexibility of joints.

List of Ingredients

Inversion table with safety straps.

Product Features

An inversion table allows the user to strap themselves onto a board like table and flip upside down. Models vary dramatically and can often hold users measuring from 4′ 8″ to 6′ 6″. Maximum weight for many inversion tables is 300 pounds. This weight limit will limit certain dieters from using the inversion table technology.

Weight loss is not a direct side effect of inversion table use, but some users claim relief from back and hip pain after only a few uses. This could prove to increase calories burned from exercise if the user is avoiding workouts due to back and hip pain. The connection, however, is a stretch.

Inversion tables have been around for many years and while repeat customers and some professional athletes seem to love the effect on the body, there are no published research studies available on any seller websites we could find supporting the health benefits of inversion.

Function fitness is mentioned a time or two in supporting articles online. Functional fitness describes exercises that allow the body to maintain normal function throughout life. Many older individuals use functional fitness to strengthen muscles and bones as they age. Supposedly, inversion tables support function fitness.

The price for an inversion table starts at about $300. The more advanced the machine, the higher the price will rise. It is not uncommon for an inversion table to cost more than $1000.

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  • May increase functional fitness levels.
  • Easily purchased online.
  • Customers rave over the effects on back and neck pain.


  • Inversion tables are not associated with weight loss.
  • The cost can be substantial.
  • Users must weigh less than 300 pounds in most cases.
  • Height restrictions mean shorter and taller individuals cannot use the machine.


Inversion tables saw their peak in popularity quite a few years ago. Despite their fall from intense popularity, they are still available from many online and offline retailers. Inversion tables are thought to increase blood flow and hydration to discs of the spine. There is also reference to function fitness support and potential relief from chronic pain. Retailers do not typically provide support for these claims. The cost of one inversion table far outweighs the price of a proven fat burner and the user will probably lose more weight with the fat burner.

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    bob mesecher

    I have had both knees replaced may I use an inversion table