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The Isometric Diet is a program that was designed to be a specific weight loss technique. It appears as though this diet was created under the guidance of Protica Inc. This review is being performed with the intention of further educating inquiring minds about this diet so they may have a better understanding of what they would incur if they were to engage in this program.


The examination of the Isometric Diet has led one to believe that there are 5 principles that are to be understood and incorporated into one’s everyday diet in order for it to be a successful attempt at weight loss.

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The first principle addresses the necessity of having a well rounded diet. It suggests that protein, carbohydrates, and fats should all be eaten in equal ratios, 1:1:1. The second principle in the Isometric Diet suggests that the dieter’s protein sources should be derived from different sources that may include dairy products, meats, beans, and nuts. The third principle states that unsaturated fats are tolerable because they are more easily processed by the body, thus making them healthier. According to the instructions, saturated fats should be avoided. Principle number four suggests the use of the Glycemic Index for measuring the amount of carbohydrates that are consumed. This is also supposed to help maintain blood sugar levels. And last, we have principle number 5. This one is titled “Awareness of Food Priority”. With this principle, the importance of nutrition is recognized and a nutritional supplement is encouraged.

There are claims that suggest that the Isometric Diet was designed to help someone to lose weight and increase their energy. It is based on 5 key points that are listed as principles. The dieter is supposed to take these principles and apply them to their daily lives and diet. It appears as if it was designed to use a healthy balance and foods to suppress the person’s appetite instead of artificially decreasing the appetite by using supplements. While using this program, it appears as if the creator’s at Protica Inc. are encouraging their consumer’s to use one of their own nutritional supplements, Isometric, in order to prevent certain circumstances that could occur, such as bone density loss and loss of lean muscle mass, due to the lack of proper nutrition. This often happens when people do not eat enough of the right foods and absorb the right amount of nutrition because they are trying to cut back on calories.

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  • Supports a well balanced and nutritional diet.
  • Encourages a change of lifestyle that will produce lifelong results


  • Does not appear to support any particular type of exercise program.
  • Discourages appetite suppressants and metabolic boosters.


When someone is looking for a weight loss plan that will possibly help them to keep the weight off the rest of their lives, this seems to be one that will do just that. However, it has been revealed through studies that some people lose weight better and are able to stick to the program better with the assistance of an appetite suppressant and metabolic boosters, both of which are discouraged while using this program.

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  • 1

    It sounds good, however, what regular food can you eat at your one meal? What does it cost to start?


  • 2
    Angela Camello

    I’am disabled woman and I try diet pills to reduced my appretite but nothing helps I know someone who used this product and lost 40 pounds.
    I would like to try your product.


  • 3
    Alma L Ramirez

    How do I find out what to do to get on the Isometric diet? How do I get information on what foods/quantity etc. to eat? Basically, I need to know what is involved.
    Thank you


  • 4

    Is this diet ok for a “pre-diabetic”??


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