Jillian Michaels Kettlebell Push-Up Bars Review

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There are a number of approaches you can take to weight loss and getting fit. The most important thing is to get started and do not put it off. Aside from a dietary supplement with proven weight loss ingredients, eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly are important. As you probably know, Jillian Michaels is a famous personal trainer and fitness guru. She even endorses certain fitness equipment and exercise tools. One of which is the Jillian Michaels Kettlebell Push-Up Bars. You will find these for sale through online stores like Walgreens for $49.99.


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Product Features

Jillian Michaels Kettlebell Push-Up Bars are suitable for women and men. These push-up bars have a lock-out rotation feature to assist you with exercises. Just so you are aware, there is a 350 pound weight capacity for this product. You receive a five-pound Kettlebell Push-Up Bar and a 10-pound Kettlebell Push-Up Bar. These fitness devices have adjustable rotation intensity as well. This workout product is sold with a 90-day guarantee.

An exercise chart and instructional DVD are included with Jillian Michaels Kettlebell Push-Up Bars. This way you can properly use this fitness tool, and better understand how it works your upper body and core. On the other hand, there are no dietary supplements provided with this product. It is important to understand that these push-up bars are not for cardiovascular exercise. Instead, the primary focus of this product is strength training. While you will burn some calories, it will not be as much as cardio workouts. Some online stores may offer the Jillian Michaels Kettlebell Push-Up Bars at a lower price than others do.

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  • These push-up bars will help you with strength training and tightening your core.
  • There is a 90-day guarantee provided with this product.
  • An instructional DVD and exercise chart are provided.


  • Some people may not like this type of exercise.
  • The Jillian Michaels Kettlebell Push-Up Bars do not assist with cardio workouts.
  • There are no convenient weight loss supplements provided.
  • There are countless other fitness tools that are similar to this one.
  • You can do push-ups without these bars.


With so many different exercise tools and fitness devices at your disposal nowadays, you might begin to wonder which products will actually benefit you. Well, the Jillian Michaels Kettlebell Push-Up Bars will be useful to people who like to do push-ups and those interested in strengthening their upper body and core. However, this product will not help you with intense cardiovascular workouts, and this is not the best choice for fat burning. Also, these Jillian Michaels Kettlebell Push-Up Bars may get a little boring after a few months, and get pushed in the corner with other exercise equipment.

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