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Liquid Health is a manufacturer of dietary supplements for both humans and animals that are in liquid form. Liquid Health Inc was founded in 1991, and found success with its Daily Multiple. Liquid Health products are made with all natural ingredients. They manufacture 30 dietary supplements for humans and 9 supplements for pets. The supplements include daily multivitamins for adults and children, attention support, diabetic support, sleep aid, hair, skin and nail health. Nutrients for animals include vitamins for cats, dogs, and horses, and dog ear solutions.


Not applicable. Liquid Health states that their products are made with the highest quality ingredients.

Product Features

Liquid Health manufactures dietary supplements for both humans and animals. The company was started with its first product being a liquid multivitamin. Now, they manufacture 30 products for humans and 9 for animals. Their products cover an array of health needs. Liquid Health manufactures a line of products specifically for children’s needs that includes two multivitamins. The product called Attention seems to be geared towards children with attention deficit disorders or autism, but can be dosed and used for adults as well. Other products are formulated especially for women, such as Menopause Support, and Women’s Multi. One product is formulated for men, and is called Prostate Care. The other human products are designed for use by everyone, and include: Calcium, Complete Multiple, Daily Multiple, Day Diet, Diabetic Support, Colloidal Silver, Silver Shot, Sleep Well, B-12, Vitamin D3, Energy & Stress, Glucosamine, Glucosamine-V, Hair Loss Supplement, Hair Skin and Nails, HYDRO PROtein, Hydro soluble CoQ10, Immune Boost, L-Carnitine, Mental Balance, Mental Boost, Night Diet, Opti-Glucosamine, Prostate Care, and Ultra Antioxidant. The pet care products include: Joint Purr-Fection, Small Dog Joint Formula, Spot Shot, Equine 4 in 1 Joint Formula, FidoNutrients, K-9 Ear Solutions, K-9 Glucosamine, K-9 Glucosamine & HA, and Level 5000. A full list of ingredients for each product is available on the corporate website.

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  • Liquid Health supplements are widely available in retail stores.
  • Liquid Health offers a full list of ingredients for each product on the corporate website.


  • Liquid Health supplements cannot be purchased direct from the manufacturer.
  • Liquid Health does not offer clinical trial information on their corporate website.


Liquid Health is a manufacturer of a wide variety of supplements for both humans and animals. These supplements are offered in liquid form only, which may be attractive to consumers who have a hard time swallowing pills. It is also said that the consumer may absorb the nutrients faster when taken in liquid form. The corporate website offers complete ingredient information on each product they manufacture. A page of the website offers nutrient glossary, with a description, type and related nutrient information for each. Liquid Health products cannot be purchased from the corporate website, however, they can be purchased from retail stores and third party websites. Liquid Health does not offer clinical trial information for their products, but does offer customer testimonials.

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  • 1
    Fannie griffin

    I gave joint formula to my 10# poodle for three days and he developed loose stools. Is this a side effect? Should I cut the dose? Too soon to tell if it helped his stiff joints.


  • 2
    Jane Crump

    I just bought Sleep Well for myself can I give it to my dogs?


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