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Mechabol is a P-Mag knock-off from Antaeus Labs. We find it interesting that Antaeus Labs claims this version is more powerful, but it works just like P-Mag in all the good ways, like it does not aromatize to estrogen and it has very few side effects. This is a prohormone, so there are risks associated with taking this supplement. If you have no experience taking a prohormone, you should not take Mechabol. Prohormones need to be taken as part of a cycle. Cycling Mechabol requires a strong post cycle therapy (PCT) supplement, which should be purchased at the same time the Mechabol is purchased to ensure it is not forgotten.

We found a brief description for Mechabol on the Antaeus Labs website. The key traits and structural characteristics are listed, but that’s the only information Antaeus Labs is offering up.

List of Ingredients


  • 4-chloro-17?-methyl-androst-4-en-17?-ol-3-one

Product Features

There are lots of prohormones on the market, both legal and illegal. There are steroids and testosterone injections sold from websites that appear honest and straightforward to the naked eye. The world of bodybuilding is one laden with dangerous supplements, medications and misuse of said products for the sake of increasing muscle mass and being the biggest man in the gym. Prohormones like Mechabol aim to increase muscle mass and strength, but it only lasts during the time the bodybuilder is taking the supplement. During PCT, much of the mass and strength are lost, so why do bodybuilders do it?

Bodybuilding is all about taking three steps forward and two steps back. You gain a bit of muscle and strength and then lose most of it only to start all over and gain more and then lose a bit more. There are limitations to what prohormones can do, but most bodybuilders are not worried about the limits when they are in the midst of active bodybuilding.

Prohormones can be toxic to the liver, which is where the PCT comes into play. A PCT must support liver function and natural, even hormone levels. Antaeus Labs offers Aegis for liver protection. Liver protection can be taken during prohormone cycles as well without interfering with how the prohormone works.

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  • Mechabol is listed on the Antaeus Labs website.
  • The prohormone will increase strength and muscle mass.
  • Does not change to estrogen in the body.


  • Requires a strong PCT to prevent liver damage or stress.


Prohormones are part of the bodybuilding industry, but they are not safe for all bodybuilders. If you are attempting to lose weight and weight training as part of your exercise routine, you do NOT need a prohormone, but you can look for a fat burner or appetite suppressant to help you reach your goals.

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