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Medical Weight Loss Clinic Review - Does This Diet Program Actually Work? Are steep price and customer complaints deal breakers?

By Summer Banks on Oct 04, 2016
Medical Weight Loss Clinic Review

Give me two minutes and I’ll tell you whether the Medical Weight Loss Clinic actually works. Our review scrutinized the ingredients, side effects, clinical research and level of customer care. Furthermore, we looked at hundreds of dieter comments and customer responses. Then, we condensed and summarized to give you the info you need.


What is Medical Weight Loss Clinic?

First off, the Medical Weight Loss Clinic is a customize weight-management program. Visiting a local center for a consultation is the first step. After your assessment, a plan is tailored to your needs. One benefit is the availability of the virtual clinic.

Medical Weight Loss Clinic was founded in 1986. The services are available at local offices and virtually. We like that there’s success stories on the official website and that some of the programs may be covered by insurance, but read on…

Steep Price – “A Consideration?”

The first thing dieters may want to consider with this program is overall cost. “The cost of Medical Weight Loss Clinic programs are quite high,”said our Research Editor. “Some dieters have spent hundreds of dollars to lose weight, but have not seen the results they’re after.”

One person commented, “The perception program was the one I was on, I paid $600.00 for it and the pills don’t even work so I switched and those pills don’t work either.”

“I joined MWLC. First, they say lose a dollar a pound and you don’t eat either food. It cost me nearly $400 to sign up,” revealed one dieter.

We found Medical Weight Loss Clinic reviews where customers weren’t concerned about the price.

“I was willing to pay the high price because I finally lost weight,”reported a dieter.

Customer Complaints – “Another Concern?”

Not every review of Medical Weight Loss Clinic was glowing. One stated, “The diet is something anyone at home should already knows how to do or should already know what you should eat to lose weight, such as chicken breast, fruit, veggies, and light on the carbs or whole grain carbs, and lots of water.”

Another mentioned, “I have not eaten anything but the instructed foods and nothing is working. I’m currently looking into other options.”

On the other hand, there were positive Medical Weight Loss Clinic reviews from customers.

“I love how physically capable I feel now. I can run, jump, and push myself like I never could before,” commented a customer.

“For the first time I feel like I don’t have to struggle anymore. With the endless support of the staff, I am here,” reported another.

Our research has revealed if there is some particular aspect of a diet program that’s concerning, like being connected to negative comments, the chances of long-term success are limited. Therefore if the Medical Weight Loss Clinic program does lead to a unhappy dieter, this could be a dilemma.

The Science – “Solid?”

The official website doesn’t provide solid science supporting the weight-loss claims made by Medical Weight Loss Clinic. In fact, after a bit of digging, we found that the program is similar to other weight-management plans on the market (eat a balanced diet and exercise). At DietSpotlight, research is imperative to the review process. When there are no studies available, we become concerned.

The Bottom Line – Does Medical Weight Loss Clinic Work?

So, should you spend your money on the Medical Weight Loss Clinic? Well, we like that they offer a virtual program and that we found some positive customer comments. On the other hand, we did not find any actual science or clinical research that proves this choice is any better than others out there and that leaves us with reservations. Moreover, we’re concerned about the high price and customer complaints we found on the web.

If you’d like to get rid of more pounds, then we encourage you to go with a diet program or product that does not cost you an arm and a leg, is easy to use anywhere and is backed by solid customer support.

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About the Author:

Summer Banks is an ISSA-Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist and has reviewed over 2000 diet products. She has years of nursing training, experience as a manager responsible for 15 supplement brands, and completed coursework on Food and Nutrition from Stanford University. full bio.

How Does Medical Weight Loss Clinic Compare?

Previous Medical Weight Loss Clinic Review (Updated January 1, 1970):

What You Should Know

Medical Weight Loss Clinic is a virtual clinic that helps you along on your path to weight loss. You will not have to physically go anywhere to participate in this program. There are no meetings, weigh-ins, etc. An internet connection is required as you will need to log in regularly to update your weight and receive information. This diet claims to be a healthy and effective way to help you lose weight the right way and not too quickly. Slower weight loss is proven more effective in the long term. A minimum commitment of 3 months is required to join the Medical Weight Loss Clinic. Plans for two, four and six months are also offered with added incentives for joining for the longer terms.


Not applicable.

Product Features

Medical Weight Loss Clinic offers the following virtual services: Diet Cards: This is the main feature of the program. The diet cards give you a daily chart of foods to eat for meals and snacks. Weight Chart: This allows you to see your progress toward your weight loss goal and you can even print out a chart to view at any time. Recipe Section: This area of the site will provide you with a variety of healthy recipes and they are organized easily so you can find what you need. Conversion Table: This simply converts one form of measure to another. Personal Data Chart: This will show your body mass index as well as weight loss goals so you will always know where you are on your path to weight loss. Tips and Suggestions: These are proven effective and are compiled from various people's experiences. Newsletter: This is where you can share pictures, experiences, etc. and also read about any new information that is applicable to your diet. Chat Page: This allows you to do just what the name implies; chat. You can talk with others on the same diet; discuss ideas, results, problems, etc. You may even receive encouragement from your peers or be able to offer the same to someone else. Message Board: You can post questions or concerns here and others can answer them for you through discussion. Questions and Answers: This is simply a basic FAQ of many popular questions. Virtual Clinic Store: This is where you can purchase necessary supplements and vitamins that are vital to your weight loss success. Help: Instructions on how to follow and use the program can be found here.

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  • Medical Weight Loss Clinic's program can be participated in from anywhere in the world.
  • The program offers online support in various forms.


  • The cost of $30 per month plus the cost of the supplements you are encouraged to purchase can be costly.
  • You must commit to the program for three months whether you are satisfied or not.


Medical Weight Loss Clinic offers a virtual program to aid in the weight loss goals of any individual. The program can be done from anywhere as you do not need to physically come in to a location to participate. The minimum commitment requirement of three months may deter some if there are doubts about joining.

Medical Weight Loss Clinic Questions & Answers:

We summarized hundreds of user comments about Medical Weight Loss Clinic into this helpful FAQ.

What are the side effects of Medical Weight Loss Clinic?

Medical Weight Loss Clinic side effects could include upset stomach, increased blood pressure, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain and irregular bowel movement. There have been reported in some customer reviews.

What are the features with Medical Weight Loss Clinic?

The features with Medical Weight Loss Clinic include initial assessment, individual counseling, BMI calculations, community support, nutritional guides and eating plans and supplements.

Does Medical Weight Loss Clinic work?

Although the program was developed by a doctor and the official website features user testimonials, there’s no scientific research backing the weight-loss claims made by Medical Weight Loss Clinic. There is science to support reducing caloric intake, but the studies don’t link to this particular plan.

How much does Medical Weight Loss Clinic cost?

Medical Weight Loss Clinic virtual program costs $30 for one-month, $60 for two, $120 for four and $180 for six. If you visit a local office, the cost could possibly exceed several hundreds of dollars.

How should I follow Medical Weight Loss Clinic?

There are two ways to follow Medical Weight Loss Clinic. You can visit one of the offices and undergo an assessment and have a clinician customize an eating plan for you. The other option is to follow the virtual clinic services on the official website.

Can I take Medical Weight Loss Clinic if I have a health condition?

Women who are pregnant or nursing, those with health conditions, anyone taking prescription medications or under 18 years of age should contact a healthcare professional prior to starting any weight-loss program, including Medical Weight Loss Clinic.

What do users like about Medical Weight Loss Clinic?

Some dieters liked the variety of food options from Medical Weight Loss Clinic and that the company has been in business for years.

What do users NOT like about Medical Weight Loss Clinic?

We found that some users didn’t like that the Medical Weight Loss Clinic program was expensive and that the customer service department wasn’t willing to offer support.

How do I contact the Medical Weight Loss Clinic customer service department?

You can contact the Medical Weight Loss Clinic customer service department by calling 1-800-438-7546, emailing a representative at info@mwlc.com or by mailing correspondence to Medical Weight Loss Clinic, Inc. 23625 Northwestern Hwy. Southfield, MI 48075.

Can I contact Medical Weight Loss Clinic through social media?

Yes, you can contact Medical Weight Loss Clinic through Facebook and Twitter.

What is the virtual diet from Medical Weight Loss Clinic?

The virtual diet from Medical Weight Loss Clinic is a tool used to change existing behaviors toward eating. You have access to online support if you can’t visit a local office.

Can I share my membership to Medical Weight Loss Clinic?

No, you can’t share your membership to Medical Weight Loss Clinic. Each plan is tailored to the individual.

Does my insurance cover Medical Weight Loss Clinic visits?

In some instances, your insurance may cover a portion of your Medical Weight Loss Clinic visits. Reach out to your insurance provider for details.

Does Medical Weight Loss Clinic come with a guarantee?

There is no guarantee with Medical Weight Loss Clinic. The official website even states that outside factors like adherence to the diet plan and the use of supplements could determine success.

Do you know of any special deals or discounts on Medical Weight Loss Clinic?

There are special deals and discounts on Medical Weight Loss Clinic products. If you make a purchase exceeding $100, you will receive a 5% discount. If you buy more than $500 worth of items, you’ll receive a 10% discount.

Medical Weight Loss Clinic offers supportive programs that suggest healthy eating and exercise. In order to find out all the details, you have to book a consultation at a nearby clinic. Meal replacements and snacks are a big part of recipes offered on the official website.

Medical Weight Loss Clinic Ingredients and Supplement Facts

Serving Size: N/A
Serving Per Container: N/A
Amount per Serving % DV
Calcium Caseinate * *
Soy Protein Isolate * *
"Nutrient" Foods * *

Other Ingredients: None

We dug deep into the Medical Weight Loss Clinic ingredients to give you the details you need.

Calcium Caseinate

To begin, calcium caseinate is taken form the casein in milk. It’s rich in protein, and is commonly found in all sorts of fitness shakes and weight-loss drinks. It’s even used in some coffee creamers and instant soups.

What is it Supposed to Do?

Well, calcium caseinate helps with muscle growth and repairs. It contains amino acids, which are the building blocks of protein. This ingredient also helps stave off hunger and should give you an energy boost.

Clinical Research

There is some research that has shown that calcium caseinate aids with weight reduction. For instance, “In one study published in 2009 in the International Journal of Obesity, researchers demonstrated that high-protein diets featuring casein were just as effective at producing long-term weight-loss and weight maintenance as diets featuring whey protein.” Furthermore, “if you use casein in your weight-loss plan, you’re likely to lose more body fat and retain more lean muscle, which can help you look leaner even if you lose less total weight.

In a study published in 2013 in the Journal of Sports Science and Medicine,women who supplemented with casein for eight weeks and completed their usual workouts experienced a ‘significant’ change in body composition, losing more body fat than they had previously.”

Soy Protein Isolate

Soybeans are often used as an alternative to meat products. Soy protein isolate is taken from these beans, and is added to all sorts of meal-replacement shakes and protein supplements. It’s been available since 1959, and is low in calories.

What is it Supposed to Do?

Many supplement powders contain soy protein isolate because it’s rich in protein, but low in fat and calories. Therefore it can be used in place of meals and unhealthy snacks, which can aid with weight-loss. This ingredient may help with muscle building, higher energy levels and even reduce your risk of heart disease (since it does not contain bad fats).

Clinical Research

According to Harvard.edu, “A 1995 meta-analysis of 38 controlled clinical trials showed that eating approximately 50 grams of soy protein a day in place of animal protein reduced harmful LDL cholesterol by 12.9 percent.” On the other hand, soy protein isolate may not directly cause weight-loss. However, consuming this protein in place of others that are high in fat may help you shed some pounds.


It’s common for many diet plans and weight-loss programs to encourage water consumption. After all, the human body is 65 percent water, and this liquid is essential for proper bodily functions, as well as muscle and organ health.

What is it Supposed to Do?

Firstly, water helps reduce fatigue. It also assists by energizing the muscles, flushing out the kidneys and promoting regular bowel movements. Furthermore, it helps reduce appetite and even boosts metabolism.

Clinical Research

There are some studies that support water’s effects on weight reduction. According to the December issue of The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, “A person who increases his water consumption by 1.5 liters a day would burn an extra 17,400 calories, for a weight-loss of approximately five pounds. They note that up to 40% of the increase in calorie burning is caused by the body’s attempt to heat the ingested water.”

40 User Reviews About Medical Weight Loss Clinic

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  • 1
    Your NameLyn

    I lost weight on this diet plan. I also found it restrictive. My blood sugar dropped, and I had to add orange juice in the morning with sugar. I had to be really careful. The support is great..I loved the staff, and thinking about starting again.


  • 2

    I have been on the MWLC diet for 6 weeks and have lost 40 lbs. I find the diet easy to follow, the hard thing for me was giving up soda. I love this diet.


  • 3

    MWLC is a wonderful program! I lost 80 pounds. I have not been to the weigh in in a long time and have put weight back on. I bit the bullet to return and to help me back to a healthier me. BIG PROBLEM!!! They are closing the Holland office. I was told I could go to Muskegon or Grand Rapids. I’m not able to do that kind of driving every week. I beg corporate office to rethink this decision!! I also bought vitamins for life…what happens to that deal? Feeling sorry for myself and all the other people who have made the decision for a healthier life style!


  • 4

    Was sold the diet. After that, was told I need to pay for a bunch of space food (pre-packaged stuff). Wasn’t told that up front. So, as I am with the consultant about this pre-packaged food, she tells me I will be eating 2 of these items per day, and I purchase all this boxed “food” that I’ll need, which cost about as much as the program. So I wonder what the “program” is that I am paying for… But then in a few days, I have the nutrition class which explains the diet. It is then that I am told I will be taking 3 of these pre-packaged things per day, rather than 2. I’m over 1000 dollars in now. They call it, “medically supervised” however, beware. It is NOT. The lady that sold me all the food, who takes my BP, is not even a nurse. And if it was medically supervised, I really doubt she would have said, “I’M going to put you on this meal plan with these particular nutrients.” That should have been the Doctor’s decision, not hers. All this said: I have learned how to eat some real food. I have lost weight. However, when I asked them if at some point I will be weaned off the boxed stuff, and learn how to choose foods over boxes, I was basically told no. That was a let down. I thought this was about re-education, not transferring from junk food over to another processed food. I appreciate all the comments here about where to find snacks cheaper. I don’t mind an occasional protein bar, but 3 of these per day is too much.



    I had the same experience at MWLC. I am 5’3 and lost 48 lbs on the program. I too was hoping to find a long term healthy eating solution without processed supplements. Losing the weight was challenging for me. I ate 900 calories a day, used their supplements, vitamins, Garcinia Cambogia, and special shot formula that they no longer have. In addition, I ran 5 miles a day 4-5 times a week.
    It was extremely hard work and I was committed. The maintanence plan is terrible. I was left only able to eat 1300 calories a day. At this point, I was training fur a half marathon and cross training. Not enough calories for an active lifestyle. Any calories over or anytime I ate something unhealthy, my weight would easily go back up. In essence, I unnaturally revved up my metabolism and now am trying to repair it. Anytime you use supplements for weight loss, you have to realize that your metabolism will be effected when you stop taking them.
    Currently I have gained back half the weight, though some of it is muscle from working out. BUT my real problem now, is that I have developed several autoimmune issues, including a skin disease. I have to wonder if it could be related to the shot substance and pills.
    Though I like being thinner, I am now unhealthy in a different way. I am warning people not to take fake supplements and not to eat fake foods. Eat real clean foods and exercise! That is the healthiest approach. You do not want an autoimmune disease. It has made my life very challenging!


  • 5

    I love MWLC!!!! And it works if you allow it to work. Behavior modification!! Follow directions and they are there always to help you through and be successful. However, as always depends on YOU…. Not anyone else but YOU!!!


  • 6

    I tried medical weight loss about 10 years ago. Lost 30 lbs in 6 week. The supplements were very expensive and they were trying to sell me $80 to $100 worth every week. A few years later i found a website called dietdirect that sold the exact same supplements at a cheaper price. Really, at least during the time i was with them, the medical weight loss plan was to eat regular healthty foods, the supplements, no fat, no salt, lots of cardio exercise and you will lose the weight. The program worked but was something i could have done on my own. I found it helpful that i knew i had to go weigh in every week and be held accountable. I must say though the staff was horrible. Not professional or medically trained at all. Anyone could work there.


  • 7
    jan durlock

    Ok. April 1st after seeing ads on TV about 30 lbs for 149.00 in 10 weeks, I joined. I paid the 149.00 plus 360.00 for the supplements they require to follow their diet! Most the supplements are not available!!! I go 3 times a week to weigh, guessing this has to do with my commitment to the plan. Not sure if I’m put on the back burner just because I want a 30-35 lb weight loss, but I think others out there may have more of a weight loss then that. I paid $500.00 for smoothie mixes & bars!!!!!!! I have lost about 16 lbs but not with their help! When I weigh in I am asked to do 2 smoothie mix thinks a day to get in the supplements. I want food type supplements. Willing to smoothie a breakfast, my lunch is tuna, veggies & fruit. My dinner is on hold since at least 6 weeks ago!! I not only want part of my money back, I want the whole choice of supplements beyond when my time is up! I know is not the fault of the nice ladies at the location I’ve been going to. False advertising really irritates me. Company or not, deliver!


  • 8

    Does anyone have the peach (plan 4) diet card? If so, would you be willing to scan front and back and email to me?


  • 9

    Too expensive…food sucks


  • 10

    Spoke with three reps and was given the run around about monthly membership prices and product pricing , reps were quick to transfer me to a clinic to get me to see a consultant all I wanted to know way the membership fee , then the clinic states that each membership fee is customized according to the individual , thank goodness I read the reviews before signing my money away , not trust worthy if you ask me . Will try something else .


  • 11
    Your Name

    I lost 5lbs on their beef and greens 3 day diet and then nothing else. All they did was took my blood pressure and asked if I was eating all the food. And sold me their products. The blood test showed my thyroid off the chart and the Dr. wrote ok on the top of the report. What a waste of money.


  • 12

    Do you have online programs my round trip would be about 50 miles the cost would be to much.


  • 13
    Dan Coley

    Is there a price list for their supplements available?


    Joycer Name

    You can find the products at mydietshopz.com. The brand is Diet Health and Sports.


  • 14

    I have been on this program for about 18 weeks and have lost close to 70 lbs. My wife signed up at the same time, and she has not lost very much at all. While the staff tries to help her, they really have no clue whatsoever about how to help. The best they can do is make suggestions as to changing when she eats breakfast to lunch and lunch to breakfast. It is really quite pathetic that they really don’t give one the impression that they really know anything about this program. They hit a hurdle and they freeze like a deer in head lights.



    Yeah I found that there are times when I needed to change when I eat. I actually try to eat all of my food before 3 or 4 p.m. Leaving maybe 2 extra vegetable choices in the evenings if I am still really hungry. So I eat at about 11:00 my first meal, really taking my time to eat and concentrate on my meal. At least 1 hour, for 1 meal. Something that I found is I have my fruit servings in the morning. I know that they did not adovocate for watermelon on the diet, but I have two cups of watermelon each morning with a flavoured coffee. Usually Vanilla Hazelnut, with sweetener, and a little milk and I find that this curbs my appetite. Then after 1:00 to 2:00 s when I plan for my next meal. It seems to be working for me. Also all of my water and fluids are done before 3:00 as well. I also bike every day depending on my arthritis. Some days when I am really feeling well, I bike around the track near my home. I have lost 40 lbs already, and I am following the diet on my own, since I lost the weight years ago and completed the maintenance program. Good luck. I find that journalling every day what I eat, and graphing my results makes a big difference. Meet with a nutrionist near my home to monitor my success with her.
    SUCCESS is the greatest MOTIVATOR


  • 15

    I am currently on the MWLC and have lost 8lbs in 3 weeks. I am happy that I have lost the weight but thought that I would have lost a little more by now. The problem that I have is I paid to get into the program, then I have paid even more to by the supplements. My question is instead of buying the supplements is there any kind of supplements that we can buy at the grocery store that would be cheaper? Like Slimfast bars or Special K bars? Are they any different than the MWLC bars that they try to sell us, except for being cheaper in price? I don’t mind doing this diet but it is really hitting me in the pocketbook.


    Your Name

    Wow! 8 lbs in 3 weeks is great! That’s over 2 lbs per week and that’s the HEALTHY way to do it’s!



    Simply truth organic protein bars. The double chocolate have the same calories and protein amount as the bars they sell. Also there is a website called family bariateic that sells the exact products as Mwlc but way cheaper.


  • 16
    Richard Davis

    Beware of the online Medical Weight Loss they do not stand behind your weight loss and they rip you off. I had a 4 month program that I prepaid for, ($30 per month). After only 1 month when it was not working for me I requested a refund of the remainder of the program. They deducted all kinds of things and by the end in stead of refunding me $100 they refunded me $16. I am going to report them with the BBB and the attorney General of Michigan. Don’t be sucked in.


    Your Name

    you go guy!


  • 17

    Staff and customer service is poor , atleast at michigan centers. They have bunch of trainees and they do not know much about the program. Each day you visit and every one of them will say something different. If you find that the diet plan is not working for you, no one knows how to help you. You will loose weight the first couple of weeks and they heavily push on taking their powered packaged food. They taste bad and never even close to real food. You are forced to take atleast 3 a day as a meal replacements to get their guaranteed weight loss. A box of 5 packaged- dry powdered meal costs about $16 which is pretty expensive. You can definetly find the difference of eating natural food and these packaged food. You will not loose weight if you do not take these supplements.
    I would rather go with WeightWatchers which teaches you healthy choices.


  • 18

    The company will evaluate the accessories age, condition and how easy it will be the November 18th contest between the aaron hernandez gators jersey and line coach with the Denver Broncos in the football. Autographed pair have been problems this.


  • 19

    I enrolled in this program and lost 90 lbs. in 8 months. A healthy weight loss is 1-3 pounds/week so for those looking to lose 90 lbs. in 30 days, that is very unhealthy. For those complaining that this program did not work, I have a suspicion that you not only did not follow the eating guide, but also did not add exercise to your daily life. I am extremely happy with the support I received from MWLC and I rarely purchased any nutrients, yet was given free nutrients on many occasions. The staff never pressured me to purchase nutrients or other aids. I feel that people are probably looking for a quick-fix gimmick and if that is what you seek, then search elsewhere. MWLC is a program designed to change your lifestyle entirely. It is not a get slim quick fad diet. You must change your habits. If you do so, you will lose the weight. My daughter is currently on this program and doing very well, also.



    I am sorry to say that nutrient purchase is a REQUIREMENT of the MWLC program, and a MUST for the guarantee. Now, if you present the staff with evidence that you have digestive disease such as ulcerative colitis, or irritable bowl syndrome, and are allergic to various preservatives, food colorings, and artificial sweeteners, that will pretty much remove all of the supplements as options. To program cost drops drop $700+ with nutrients down to $195. The diet they provide ABSOLUTELY does work if you follow it precisely. I lost 23 LSD in 3 months on all natural foods I prepared for myself. Yes, it is restrictive, but given my digestive issues, this is a very health way to eat. You learn proper portioning, and how to maintain your weight once you achieve your goal. Were they helpful? Oh, yes. Did they occasionally try to make an extra buck by recommending other products, yes, but it is a business, and all businesses do this. Just stick to your guns. If you cannot eat certain substances, just remind them, they do remember once they look at your chart.
    Would I go back if necessary? Yes. Would I recommend this to a friend? Absolutely. Just go in knowing that the full cost won’t be disclosed until you come in, and if you cannot tolerate the nutrients, make sure they know about you medical conditions. They do have a diet plan for this.



    You are incorrect about the requirement to purchase their supplements. They have many different plans, some requiring their food and some not. I have had wonderful success with this diet and have kept my weight off. I can’t speak for all the location but the staff in Jackson Mi is top notch.


    Your Name

    I have a feeling you work there, I went in for a consult in white lake mi and was so pressured by staff that they actually put me on the phone with a supervisor after I told them I was not comfortable with the three different quotes they gave me after telling them no thank you three different times and when I told them I had to discuss the price with my husband they wanted me to interrupt him at work to ask while in front of them and to top it all off they call me every couple months. VERY PUSHY NO THANKS!.



    I was thinking about going to the White Lake location. After reading this, will find another program. Thank you for your comments.


  • 20

    Yes it does work.


  • 21

    Do the nutrients and bars really help you to lose weight? Are they absolutely necessary?




  • 22
    getting smaller

    As you can see from above – although the staff must have medical training, they are paid a base salary of 8.50 hourly – less than minimum wage – and work on COMMISSION. With that said, I have done this for a week now and have lost 5.5 lbs so far. The diet was challenging at first – no grabbing and going – low carbs – but now its much easier. Nutrients are like 48.00 weekly and I joined for 149 for 10 weeks. I believe that this will work and that I’ll rejoin again in 10 weeks. My goal is 90 lbs in 30 days. Those of you that paid astronomical fees – I dont know – did you tell them that you had X amount to spend? They are sales people – they want you in so they can sell you stuff so the benefit to get you in at a lower cost is HUGE.



    They don’t have high integrity. And for that, whether it works for me or not, I will not go back, and will not recommend to anyone. They need to publish their rates. I am seeing rates all over the place on this board alone. On my 3rd visit, one staff person who was active in my initial sign-up and major purchase for fake food, made a comment about my handbag. I am NOT a handbag lady at all. It was given to me as a gift and I have no clue as to the cost. But apparently, they “saw me coming” once they eyed my purse. Never again. They should have a rate schedule and stick to it and not overcharge people. To the man here who paid $30 a month, you got lucky! I paid nearly 3x that. Why the discrepancy???!! Shady, unethical company with non-medical staff.


  • 23

    Hey Folks! I’m an alumni of MWLC diet and it worked for me! It has been 2 years since Ive been on it, and Im trying to loose weight from a recent pregnancy. Im looking to see if anyone on here has the receipes, or can tell me a receipe for the Salad Dressings you can make at home. I have no signed back up, as money is tight, but I have several nutrients left over and Im just going to work off that, so the recipes would be a great deal of help if anyone has any to share. Thanks!



    Hi Bridget!

    I don’t have any recipes but I can tell you that I ended up just finding a fat free dressing at the store to replace it (Newman’s Own I think)

    Also if you run out of supplements I have found that Quest products are comparable! I had gained back some weight after some stress in my life and I am finding that the Quest products and just choosing my dressing wisely has been very successful!

    Good luck! Keep it up!


  • 24

    I joined MWLC. First, they say lose a dollar a pound and you don’t eat either food. It cost me nearly $400 to sign up. I got these nutrients; a 1/3 I didn’t like and they wouldn’t let me exchange them. I had to do it packet by packet thru the exchange basket. Everytime I went in there, they are always have a SALE on their nutrients. What really ticked me is asking me the next day (or week) if I wanted nutrients. I just bought some!!! Felt like they were pushing those. The only thing I got was to really see what food looks like when you weight it out. I lost about 1 pound a week. So in 15 weeks I lost 15 pounds when they told me I would lose 30 in in 12 weeks. I don’t think the nutrients helped; just changing they way to eat right. Cost me nearly $1000 to lose 15 pounds ($170/month on nutrients). Um, not worth it. Eat right throughout the day and exercise. And if you notice…. their products are packed with protein. THAT is the key. Takes more energy to burn protein. Good luck on your weight loss.


  • 25

    Medical weight loss is one giant money pit from “nutrients” they say you need which cost 16 dollars a week and they say u need 3 in one week that’s so ridiculous. The perception program was the one I was one I paid 600.00 for it and the pills don’t even work so I switched and those pills don’t work. They also have u weighing in 3 times a week which is ridiculous on a diet and if u are unable to make it in such as my reson “i just don’t have the money to drive there because I gave them all my damn money for this program” so they would cancel the program with no money back. The staff sucks. The diet is something anyone at home should all ready know how to do or should already know that you should eat to lose weight such as chicken breast, fruit, veggies, and light one the carbs or whole grain carbs, and lost of water. All and all I lost 15 pounds and its no thanks to this program. Try something else save your money. Cuz once u get started and pay u need to keep throwing money to them.


  • 26
    loree kleinstiver

    do they sell meals?



    Loree, I see MWLC responded. I asked them if they ultimately “wean” you from all the pre-packaged food. I was told NO. So you have to find some healthy way to 1. wean yourself from it (cut them from your wallet) and 2. find healthy, real food alternatives to replace the high protein in these boxed foods.



    Anne, I don’t know who told you that you are never weened from the product/supplements. Once you reach your weight loss goal and go in to stabilization, regular store bought foods will be added each week until you are at the caloric intake for your needs and the MWLC product will be phased out. So, saying that you HAVE to use product forever is not true. A lot of life time patients choose to keeps using the product.
    As for the statements about the people who do your visits and take your blood pressure not bring trained medical, you are wrong too. These people went to school for MA, EMT, Nurse…And saying they are not medical is an insult to them. FYI. The people who are serious about the plan and stay true to it are the people who are losing. Good luck to you who are serious about the plan and who are working hard for their weight loss! I am proud of you! And I DO care about you. Pam


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