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Melt Fitness is a 30-minute workout program designed to help you achieve more physically in less time. There is a Melt Method that is not associated with Melt Fitness. Melt Fitness notes the difference between the two on the About Us page. According to Melt Fitness, The Melt Method is all about tissue and fascia work, not a reduced-time workout plan.

Melt Fitness is a small gym – no huge layouts or hundreds of treadmills lined up in a long row. What you will find is dedicated staff, small-scale programs and personal instruction, according to the company profile.

List of Ingredients


  • Time-effective exercise workouts at a small gym.

Product Features

There is a series of commercials for Planet Fitness on television night now that embodies the reason many dieters do not visit commercial gyms. There are tons of muscle heads, power lifters and extremely beautiful bodies that can leave the average dieter feeling like they simply don’t belong. Melt Fitness is different. Right now there are only three locations in Connecticut. All locations are devoid of traditional workout machines. All programs are created using up-to-date exercise research and technique, so you are doing exactly what the doctor ordered without spending boring hours on a treadmill or exercise bike.

Of course, with such a small-scale setting and three locations there are extreme limitations to using Melt Fitness for your exercise needs. Only people within a short drive of one of the gyms will be able to access Melt Fitness programs. For now that means people in Connecticut. There could be expansion into other states in the future, but no mention of current expansion plans is available on the Melt Fitness website.

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  • Melt Fitness offers personal support and no machines.
  • There are three, intimate locations.
  • There are tons of programs and classes available – some teach nutrition and diet.
  • Melt Fitness offers youth programs.


  • Melt Fitness operates only three locations.
  • The price of gym membership and classes may be out of range for some dieters.


We like Melt Fitness – it feels like Crossfit but on a more manageable scale for most dieters. With youth and newbie programs, you can find a workout that best suits your body right now and move up to a more challenging workout in later months. We are not fond of the limitations – based on the three gyms – but we hope more small-scale gyms take the idea and run in other states.

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