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Monkey Picked Oolong Tea is a variety of tea with an interesting history. According to the myth, monkeys were taught to climb to the tops of wild tea trees. There they would pick small, even leaves. Today, Monkey Picked Oolong tea is no longer picked by monkeys, but leaf selection is extremely important. This variety of oolong tea is considered an Imperial Reserve. It presents with a light taste and flowery aroma. Oolong tea, especially varieties from the Wuyi province, is popular as weight loss teas.

List of Ingredients


  • Imperial Reserve Oolong Tea Leaves

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We have researched several varieties of oolong tea in hopes of finding the secret behind weight loss claims. Money Picked Oolong Tea doesn’t appear to be any more effective at promoting weight loss than typically grocery store varieties of oolong. According to Teavana, the makers of Monkey Picked Oolong Tea, the tea may improve digestion and support a healthy metabolism. There is caffeine in the tea, but only about 15-percent of that in one cup of coffee.

What’s interesting about oolong tea and weight loss is the fact that the tea leaves can and should be brewed more than once. Typically, oolong leaves are brewed at least four times with the third brew and fourth brew considered the best. This multiple brew process only works with high-end oolong teas like Money Picked Oolong Tea.

We’d like to say there are tons of large-scale studies proving the weight loss benefits of oolong tea, but they just don’t exist. There are studies however, on the effects of green tea on weight loss. Oolong is ideal when combined with other tea varieties, so one could create a weight loss tea supplement by combining a high-grade green tea with the Monkey Picked Oolong Tea.

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  • Tea is a healthy addition to most diets.
  • May improve metabolism.
  • Contains less caffeine than green and black tea.


  • No proof of weight loss claims on the Teavana website.


We love the entire concept of using green teas, oolong teas and black teas for weight loss, but teas don’t have all the elements a dieter needs to boost metabolism and control appetite. Oolong tea contains caffeine, but not as much as green or black teas. If you want to boost weight loss, a better alternative to Monkey Picked Oolong Tea would be a green or black tea variety.

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