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No Cheat Abs is an upper body workout machines sold online. Finding an official website is nearly impossible, as there are thousands of products online using the No Cheat Abs name. Most of these products are eBooks claiming to reveal the secret exercises to define the abdominal muscles with less time spent doing crunches and ab workouts. The official No Cheat Abs machine is not dedicated to just the abdominal muscles. Instead, the user can perform shoulder, tricep, bicep, chest and back exercises in addition to working the abdominals.

List of Ingredients

An all-in-one upper body workout machine.

Product Features

If there is one thing that is overabundant in the diet and exercise community, it is workout machines. The No Cheat Abs machine is another home based system that fits under the bed, travels easily and works upper body and core muscles without changing from one gym machine to another. The No Cheat Abs machine is simply a board with foot restraints. The restraints can be used during abdominal exercises. An elastic band system is installed on both sides of the foot restraint bars with handgrips. The handgrips can be used to complete a variety of upper body and core exercises.

No Cheat Abs does not have an official website that we could find. Abdominal machines and programs are all over the Internet, which makes it hard to discern the ones associated with a specific machine or company. Information on No Cheat Abs has been pulled from a trusted weight loss and supplement website, but could be incorrect, as it is not linked to an official online presence.

We did find that No Cheat Abs is the creation of Rob Fulcomer. Fulcomer was once the head of EAS, a popular supplement company. Fulcomer now owns and operates the No Cheat company and holds a degree in Physical Therapy. No Cheat Abs sells for $49.99 plus shipping and handling.

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  • Working larger upper body and core muscles can increase calorie burn.
  • No Cheat Abs machine is priced lower than comparable fitness equipment.


  • Abdominal muscles have little effect on metabolism.
  • No Cheat Abs has no official website.
  • Information could only be obtained from a third party website.


No Cheat Abs is just another piece of fitness equipment that will collect dust under the bed. While the machine could work to increase muscle mass and calorie burn, in theory, the dieter would have to use the machine daily to see benefits. Sit-ups are also linked to neck and back pain and injury, so dieters should never use any machine that promotes traditional / old-school sit-ups. A daily walk, reduced calorie diet and proven fat burner could create a better weight loss environment than No Cheat Abs.

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