NOW Foods Extra Strength Thermo Green Tea Review

Editor's Review: 3.5 / 5.0

What You Should Know

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Always consult your doctor before taking any diet pills or supplements if you have a preexisting medical condition. You need to be sure it is safe for you to take a daily diet product, since some of these supplements can interfere with prescription medications and health conditions. We are going to elaborate on NOW Foods Extra Strength Thermo Green Tea, which is a weight loss product available online. It comes in capsule form, and is marketed as a supplement that supports thermo genesis.


  • Green Tea Extract Camellia Sinensis (Leaf) 700mg
  • EGCG Epigallocatechin Gallate 350mg
  • Caffeine Naturally Occuring 7mg
  • Cellulose (Capsule)
  • Cellulose Powder
  • Stearic Acid (Vegetable Source)
  • Silica

Product Features

NOW Foods Extra Strength Thermo Green Tea can be taken with food, once each day. It is important to avoid taking this weight loss formula on an empty stomach. Put simply, this supplement aims to increase the rate your body burns off calories, provide protection from free radicals, and encourage the body to utilize stored fat as an energy source. NOW Foods Extra Strength Thermo Green Tea is made in the USA, and retails for $24.99 per bottle (can be found for as low as $14.99 on distributor websites).

The primary ingredient found in this diet formula is Green Tea Extract, and you get 700 milligrams per dose. As you may already know, Green Tea provides caffeine and antioxidants. This helps increase the body’s metabolism and provides protection from damaging free radicals. It should help your body utilize fat more effectively. Like other weight loss products, this supplement is encouraged with a healthy diet plan and exercise routine. It does not contain gluten, shellfish, soy, milk, or wheat.

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  • This weight loss supplement provides Green Tea Extract.
  • NOW Foods Extra Strength Thermo Green Tea is manufactured in the USA.
  • Several websites offer this diet product.


  • We were unable to find any user testimonials or success stories for this supplement.
  • No clinical research or evidence is provided to support this diet product.
  • NOW Foods Extra Strength Thermo Green Tea may cause jitteriness, sleeplessness, and headaches.
  • There are several similar diet and weight loss products available online.


First of all, it is nice to see that NOW Foods Extra Strength Thermo Green Tea is easy to find online. Secondly, this weight loss supplement does contain Green Tea Extract, which will help promote weight loss. Just be aware that the caffeine in this product might lead to jitteriness, headaches, and insomnia in some users. It would be helpful to see some actual customer feedback on this diet product, but there may not be any posted yet, since this is a newer supplement.

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