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Oxycise is the name of a series of instructional videos, DVDs, books, and audio tapes that combines breathing and tensing techniques and is packaged as an exercise program. Featured on TV and in many print magazines, Oxycise first gained attention because it claimed people could lose weight just through their specific breathing techniques. Oxycise gained even more attention because it claimed it could burn 140% more calories than through regular exercise. Unlike other exercise programs, Oxycise requires very little effort or skill to do — simply breathe according to the program’s instructions. Oxycise also comes in two program difficulties, Standard Mode and Easy Does It Mode, with the latter designed for people with injuries or for the elderly.

Available for purchase through their official website or in retail stores, Oxycise videos and DVDs range from $19.95 to $29.95 per series. Oxycise add-ons, such as instructional books and audio tapes, range from $12.95 to $14.95 per series.


Because this is an exercise program, there are no ingredients to list.

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The science behind Oxycise is legitimate, although Oxycise itself has not been thoroughly studied for effectiveness. Controlled breathing is scientifically shown to increase blood flow to important muscle groups, increasing energy and exercise effectiveness, but there are few studies on Oxycise’s effectiveness. There are no studies showing that controlled breathing increases the amount of fat you burn. However, numerous testimonials comment on Oxycise’s relaxing properties, similar to yoga or meditation.

Another facet of Oxycise is its emphasis on tensing techniques. Certain parts of the body are tensed and released, similar to warm-up exercises on traditional workout videos. Oxycise claims that this targets certain muscle groups and shapes them. According to several studies, Oxycise is correct in this assertion.

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  • Oxycise is easy to follow and requires little effort.
  • Elders and people with injuries can use this program safely.
  • You do not need to use any equipment with this program.
  • There are plenty of positive testimonials on their official website.


  • Although there are studies backing up proper breathing techniques, they do not back Oxycise’s specific breathing techniques.
  • Oxycise does not explain how much weight loss should be expected.
  • Oxycise’s videos and DVDs are more expensive than other exercise programs available.
  • There are no money-back guarantees, but you can return the product if bought at a retail store.
  • Those with sinus problems or other types of obstructed breathing may not see any benefits from these techniques.


Oxycise is one of the few programs that caters to people with injuries and to the elderly, which might be something worth looking into for an easy program. With no equipment or complicated instructions to follow, Oxycise is very convenient for its price. However, their claims are not proven, so proceed with caution. Although there is no inherit danger when using this program, the effectiveness of it is questionable, especially for those who have tried various exercise programs in the past and seen unsatisfactory results.

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6 User Reviews about Oxycise

  • 1
    Susan Cox

    Yes it works! The results speak for themselves. After a major car wreck and major surgery, I was limited on exercise options. This is free of impact and very relaxing. I am almost off my asthma medication. Oxycise isn’t expensive. You can buy the book for a few dollars online. It has pictures and simple instructions. There is no equipment to buy and no pills to take. Buy the way, the book is called Oxycise by Jill Johnson. I love Oxycise!



    I am so happy to have found Oxycise!! I was looking for a kinder, gentler workout after I turned 55. I used to spend and hour and 1/2 at the gym four days a week at 5:00 a. m. before my day as a teacher. I had come to HATE it. Oxycise is just as effective as walking on the treadmill, elliptical or riding a stationary bike. The tensing and concentration of oxygen sent to that muscle is just as effective as using weights. I use ankle and wrist weighs to enhance my workouts. I am so happy to be able to work out at home in 15 minutes. I can always find time for that. I have read the book and reviewed it many times. It is very inspirational! I love Aubrey Lee and Jill. They are very down to earth and they have become a part of my everyday life now. I HIGHLY recommend this exercise program!!


  • 2
    Gary G Klenk

    I have been involved in rehabilitation through exercise for over 45 years. First discovered OXYSIZE and saw realized its benefits some 25 years ago. Working with elderly patients the benefits of increase oxygen to the body are enormous. Increasing lung capacity and maximizing oxygen throughout the body, into the brain and into the extremities are profound. I really feel people of all ages, especially the elderly would great improved their quality of life by incorporating OXYSIZE program into their daily living routine. Do NOT spend just 1 hour a day doing the breathing exercises, DO THEM THOUGHOUT the day ! I could go on forever supporting this program because I do it and I also feel it has helped me keep my weight in check. Breath deep, if you do it one time, you MUST do it four times to make one set.


  • 3
    Maggi Veltre

    I wonder if your eating habits changed after awhile. Did you really still eat as much as before?


  • 4
    Sandie Bringle

    I love oxycise and have been doing it for years…..only 15 minutes a day. I’ve gone from 260 lbs and a size 22W to 150 lbs and a size 8. I’m female, 45, 5’7″ tall. I have to say I’ve tried every exercise program out there. I remember doing the “Firm” workout which was pretty intense and I have to say I got better results with two weeks of Oxycise then with 2 months of doing an hour a day of the Firm. You can buy their tapes at oxycise.com


  • 5
    Evelyn Hemphill

    Where can I buy your new books or DVD’s?