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PAP Lower, commonly referred to as Post-Activation Potentiation, is the lower body routine in the P90X2 fitness program. As described by super-trainer Tony Horton, PAP Lower is a combination of isolation, stabilization, explosion, contractions and resistance. The fitness routine lasts approximately 60 minutes. The routine consists of the warm-up, the actual routine and the cool down. The routine is not available as an individual routine; you must purchase the entire P90X program in order to benefit from PAP Lower.

List of Ingredients


  • Lower body fitness routine.

Product Features

PAP Lower is considered the strength training routine for the lower body. The routine consists of the normal warm-up and cool down, but changes things up during the routine. The workout consists of eight exercises that individuals perform three times. After the first set of exercises, you get your one and only break. There are several accessories necessary in order to perform the routines as designed. You will need proper footwear, a yoga mat, medicine balls or comparable stability device, dumbbells of weights and a chair or a plyo box.

Unless you purchased the Deluxe edition of P90X2, you will need to invest quite a considerable sum in accessories. PAP Lower is not available as an individual routine; you must purchase the entire P90X2 fitness system. Depending on the kit you purchase, you could spend in excess of $327. If you purchase the Ultimate kit, you will not need to purchase the accessories, aside from the plyo box.

PAP Lower is an extreme fitness routine. The makers of P90X2, Beachbody, recommend individuals with prior knee, back or joint problems seek medical advice prior to performing the exercises in the routine. If you are confident with your physical abilities, you have the ability to perform the routine at a lower intensity level.

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  • The program addresses diet and supplementation.
  • The fitness routine works the entire lower body.
  • Post-Activation Potentiation has links to clinical research.


  • You may need to purchase accessories.
  • The routine lasts more than an hour.
  • The program is rather expensive.
  • There is no guarantee of weight loss.


We like PAP Lower. The routine addresses the entire lower body. The routine is more than just strength training, the routine also addresses cardiovascular endurance. The main concern centers on the length of the routine. Not many individuals have an extra hour to spend exercising. Another concern centers on the price. If PAP Lower was sold as an individual DVD, the program would be ideal. Unfortunately, you need to purchase the entire P90X2 fitness program in order to benefit from the workout.

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