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PAP Upper is considered a total body conditioning routines, but focuses more on the upper body and the core. The routine is one of the shortest routines in the entire P90X2 program. The routine lasts approximately 51 minutes. Similar to PAP Lower, PAP Upper incorporates stabilization, plyometric exercises as well as resistance to improve muscle development and cardiovascular endurance. There are two phases involved in the workout, as well as a warm-up and cool-down. The phases are repeated, with a short break in the middle of each phase.

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  • Upper body fitness routine in the P90X2 fitness program.

Product Features

PAP Upper is considered a world-class upper body fitness routine. Tony Horton pushes your body to the limit for approximately 50 minutes. There is a short warm-up and cool down after the workout. The remainder engages muscles in your shoulders, arms, chest and even your core. The routine is considered a complex. There are two complexes in the routine, with each consisting of four different excellent. You perform the exercises in the routine four times.

Similar to other P90X2 routines, there are necessary accessories in order to perform the routine as designed. You will need dumbbells or weights, medicine balls, pull-up bar, chair and a foam roller. The accessories are not included in the standard kit, only the Ultimate kit that retails for $327. Speaking of cost, PAP Upper is not available as an individual DVD. You will need to purchase the Standard, Deluxe or Ultimate P90X2 kit.

PAP Upper is an extreme fitness routine. There are several customer testimonials stating the difficulty of the workout. There are even testimonials stating individuals should attempt to complete another P90X or Beachbody program prior to attempting PAP Upper due to the required strength. Just like similar P90X2 routines, this particular routine is not ideal for individuals who have a prior history with joint, knee or back problems.

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  • The routines is shorter than other P90X2 routines.
  • You work the entire upper body as well as the core.
  • You can modify several exercises.


  • There is no guarantee of weight loss.
  • The fitness routine is extreme.


Difficulty and intensity of a fitness routine varies, based on the effort exerted by the individual. We have to note that PAP Upper is a difficult workout. Do not let the name fool you. The routine works more than just upper body. In order to perform several of the exercises, you need to stabilize your entire body. Although PAP Upper is challenging, we like the end result if you follow the P90X2 system as planned.

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