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The pH Miracle is a book written by a husband and wife team, Robert O. Young and Shelley Redford Young. In the book, the two explain why the chemical balance of our body is so important to our good health. The main area the Youngs’ focus on in the book is the alkalinity levels in our bodies because if that level is off, nutrient absorption will be off as well.

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The concept presented in the pH Miracle is not new. All the Youngs’ do in this book is tell readers that a food’s pH balance can be altered after it enters the body. If the alakine balance is too high or too low, the body can be depleted of important vitamins and minerals. The book then goes on to tell readers about the foods that have a positive impact on the balance which can then have a great impact on overall health. This may induce weight loss because people are eating better, but there is no guarantee of weight loss, and it should not be expected.

The pH Miracle focuses on foods that are more alkaline after entering the body, because they are less acidic. Foods like tomatoes, avocados and green vegetables are in this group. When these kinds of foods are added to the diet, a person can substantially improve their overall health, along with the condition of some ailments.

There is one major drawback to this theory, and that is that each food must be tested by the individual to see how it will react in his or her body. While the book does a good job of providing a guide for this, everyone has a different body and it may be hard to understand, and even harder to implement. The book claims that some people have been able to lose weight by regulating the alkaline level of their bodies, but this is not going to happen for everyone.

The book can be purchased for $10.17 plus $3.99 shipping at so it is an afforable option for those who are interested in reading it.

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  • Does not require special exercise.
  • Promotes overall health.
  • Moderately priced and easy to obtain.


  • pH diets are generally not intended for weight loss, but more for overall health.
  • The official website is dated and is focused more on clinics than the book itself.
  • The pH Miracle diet plan does not include a metabolism booster or appetite suppressant as part of the plan.
  • There are some fairly unhappy customers who speak against the Youngs and their pH miracle diet in a blog.


The approach to balancing the alkalinity in the body is not a new one, and though it does not really assist in weight loss, it is important for correcting some of the unhealthy issues faced by people today. The book is directed more like this is a weight loss approach, which may be the reason so many people are unhappy with it. The book does not provide mechanisms for portion control and curbing cravings, and therefore will not really help with weight loss. If you are looking for a weight loss supplement, you need to find one that contains ingredients which are proven to assist with weight loss and include an appetite suppressant and thermogenic chemicals to assist with fat burning and the increase of metabolism. Combine this with a balanced diet and healthy exercise routine to watch the pounds melt off.

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    I am not saying I believe or disbelieve the Youngs on the PH Miracle diet. What I am saying is that at least they are headed in a direction with all natural foods…what humans were meant to eat. The advantages and disadvantages section you wrote is hilarious to me that the general thought nowadays is that eating whole unprocessed foods will not help a person to be healthy or maintain a healthy weight without pills, portion control, or weird devices. Get real people. I dare anyone to eat real food…..not one processed anything and see what happens. People wont do it for the simple fact that it isn’t easy or quick. You actually would have to chop, rinse, or cook something instead of popping a pill and grabbing mcdonalds. And portion control..ha lol! How easy is it to eat too many fries and soda or burgers…til you are so stuffed you literally don’t feel well. Have you ever over eaten too many apples or spinach etc? Doubt it.


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