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Power Plate is an exercise device which vibrates to throw off the person’s balance once it is stood on, a method claimed to provide numerous benefits, including strengthening all core muscles and providing a substantial workout to people of all fitness levels. It is currently being introduced in fitness centers but can also be purchased online for nearly $10,000. The simplicity of this device is its biggest attractor and numerous news stations have covered the Power Plate and investigations into how well it helps dieters build their core strength. The jury is still out about how effective it is, but dieters claim it helped them become stronger without doing any stressful or hectic exercises.

Though the price makes this a very unaffordable choice for personal use, Power Plate is showing up in fitness centers all around the United States and appears to be getting even more popular with the production of more Power Plates. They currently host about a dozen different Power Plate machines that differ in appearance and size, and their Pro5 Airdaptive Power Plate appears to be their most popular product.

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Product Features

Power Plate features handlebars for stability and a vibrating plate, which is stood on. When it vibrates the user is to stabilize his or her body, a technique Power Plate says forces the muscles to work to stabilize the body and helps work all of the core muscles including the abdomen, the thighs, and the buttocks. The level of vibration can be increased to accommodate bigger fitness levels. The device appears to be simple and is fairly easy to use but some question if this offers a legitimate workout. Some studies show it does provide a strengthening workout to the body’s core but this is as far as the benefits go. It does not appear to contain components of a full workout, such as increasing cardio strength, speeding up the heart rate, and offering challenging moves to increase the overall strength of a person’s core muscles. Cardio and strength training are both needed to help dieters shed fat while increasing the strength of all muscles, and using Power Plate by itself may not provide these benefits.

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  • Offers a unique, easy-to-use machine for all ages and all fitness levels.
  • Is available in fitness centers as well as online through their official store.


  • May not provide a full cardio workout.
  • Is extremely expensive, and most of their machines cost nearly $10,000.
  • Does not exercise all of the muscles such as the arm or chest muscles.


Power Plate is a unique vibrating device with some evidence proving it may provide a strengthening workout to the lower body but, as a whole, may not provide a challenging workout. If consumers do not incorporate cardio or additional strengthening exercises into their exercise regimen, they may not experience the benefits claimed by Power Plate. As always, it is advised to speak with a physician before beginning any exercise regimen to reduce the chance of injury and other side effects.

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  • 1
    Maria Hoth

    Does anyone know if power plate is suitable for people with a total knee replacement?


  • 2
    Orrin Helms

    The doctor that replaced my knee said using the power plate is not a good idea. Any thoughts? I don’t see any warnings in your material.


  • 3

    does anyone know if the powerplate is suitable for someone with MS mild, and also a hip replacement (6 years ago)


  • 4
    Tom Hochstatter

    I have an anurisim in my decending arota. Is it ok to use a Power Plate?


  • 5

    I adore it.Can’t imagine my life without the power plate and the results are amazing.Believe me using power plate is the best thing u can do for your self:)))))


  • 6

    yes it does cardio. I’m using it for 9 months lost 2.5″ in circum.Have built muscles in my arms & legs. I’m getting a flat stamach. I more than love it.


  • 7

    I have a Power Plate machine. I have knee problems and the plate really help me excercise with no pain! Riding a bike for 5 minutes has me crying from pain!
    My dad had hip and knee replacement and he uses the machine with no problems.
    One thing about this machine I do not appreciate (ladies please take note) once you start don’t ever stop! You will get cellulite 10 times worse than you can imagine! Don’t use the machine for 10 sessions as offered by your gym or spa, rather buy a smaller/cheaper/second hand machine for yourself!



    Why do you get 10x more cellulite?



    this doesn’t make sense as cellulite is caused (mainly) by bad circulation (and mostly by genetics, nine in ten women have it) and this maching is supposed to help circulation the same way massage does.


    Your Name

    She said when you stop using it you get cellulite


  • 8

    I am definitely a fan of the powerplate. I tried it out in Los Angeles at a facility caled fbe spa and they also had whole body vibration machines which I liked even more. The vibration machines were defintitely more effective than the powerplate. I definitely suggest looking into vibration machines. If you are in the la area go to fbe spa, or I am pretty sure that they are actually the cheapest retailer of vibration machines if you are not in the la area. fbespa.com check it out!



    Hey Stupid……The Powerplate is a vibration device. It vibrates on 3 different planes and is the most effictive machine of its type.
    Check out Dr. Mercola and he will educate you uneducated people.



    Well Alex let me educate your here. The Powerplate is a vibration machine. I vibrates on 3 different planes to work the muscles more effectively then copycat machine.
    If you doubt how effective the Powerplate can be take a look at Dr. Mercola’s site. Come into a Gym Source store near you and we will PROVE how effective the Powerplate can be for all users.


  • 9

    these plates are really good for people with problems with joints my aunt has really bad arthritis in her knees and shouldres and she finds these really usefull and it has helped to buld up her strenght in these areas and reducing the pressure and pain



    WBV may be ok for the muscles but I think it is dangerous for the joints. A Total Knee/Hip Replacement is glued to a user’s bones. Imagine subjecting the joint to such an intense vibration for an extended time period. Look for honest medical articles which suggest it works.


  • 10

    has anyone who has had hip joint replacement used a powerplate without damage to their hip joints?



    Have you had any advice on using a power plate with a hip replacement? I’m forty had my hip done 5 months ago.. it is great!! But would realy value any thoughts or advice on power plates!!


  • 11

    Would there be any adverse effect(s) for someone who had a knee replacement some 6 month ago?


    jennie hawkins

    i started with a personal trainer at fit u in Burnsville who uses this machine and he has taken my back pain from an 8 down to a zero with this machine I love it.


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