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Skinny Bitch is a book co-authored by Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin, who both held previous careers in the modeling industry. The book details how to diet the Skinny Bitch way, which is basically a revamped vegan diet. Along with helpful anecdotes and advice about keeping cravings down and how to enjoy your favorite foods, Skinny Bitch still remains a popular book with dieters and celebrities. Skinny Bitch first gained notoriety for being a favorite of Spice Girl Victoria Beckham.

Being able to stay skinny while enjoying favorite foods may seem far fetched, but Freedman and Barnouin promises their diet is easy, good for the body, and good for the environment. Purchasing this book is easy for dieters, also (check their website or a local bookstore), and it is reasonably priced at $14.95.


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Skinny Bitch offers a simple but restrictive diet. Eat a purely plant based diet to become lean and fit. All types of animal products are off limits, including dairy and eggs, and it is emphasized numerous times that eating animal products are harmful and promote animal cruelty. Animal products aren’t the only foods off limits, however. Freedman also recommends dieters avoid “fake” foods, such as soda, alcohol, aspartame, and sugar. This severely limits the options to dieters, but they claim this is the best way to lose weight while making their own statement about animal cruelty. Despite their claims, however, several magazines and newspapers have criticized the diet for being too limited and being a glorified vegan diet. The focus on animal cruelty and eating cruelty free products is also another concern, and it may deter some dieters. Vegans do tend to be leaner and healthier than regular dieters, however, due to the focus on healthy, plant based foods.

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  • Recommends dieters to eat nutrient rich, plant based foods, which are typically natural and contain less synthetic ingredients.
  • Is a favorite of celebrities, including super skinny Spice Girl and fashion model Victoria Beckham.


  • Is a strict vegan diet, and completely forbids the consumption of any animal based products.
  • Some experts criticize the diet for putting too much emphasis on animal cruelty and saving the environment.
  • Does not consider special dietary concerns, such as diabetic or allergy related restrictions.


Skinny Bitch advocates a vegan diet not only for its dietary reasons, but for its environmental reasons. There is some evidence a vegan diet helps dieters become leaner compared to other diets, but some may not favor the extreme restrictions. The book may make appropriate reference material for dieters already on a vegan diet, however.

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    skinny bitch has recomendations for diabetics and its mostly sugar! cut the white refined sugar and add some agave nectar instead. if u have a bulk barn or something along those lines they sell it there. Skinny bitch is not restrictive is changing white bleached bed for you bread to whole grains its taking the high fat in meat and replacing it with beans legumes or even tofu. if u dont like tofu then have some lentils nuts etc.. better protien and healthy fats. and im sure it says that its restrictive with pop alcohol sugars and aspertame i do believe any diet weither vegan or not says not to have those things DUH!!! and if u are a diabetic the eating the food in this book is better then going out to eat at a fast food. theres lots of replacements the problem people have is that its vegan and everyone has there comments about vegans but its all bs. watch earthlings she how disgusting our food has become. id like to say that our produce is good too but its full of crap and GM! for what to sit on a shelf longer and look better. buy organic and try to buy local. this book is amazing and when open there eyes they;ll see its amazing too.


  • 2
    Taylor Naomi-Marie

    Personally, I think that Skinny Bitch was a brilliant book. The authors include very, very good points and nutrition facts. I was ashamed to read that most medical doctors only receive 3 hours of nutritional training in med school! THREE HOURS TOTAL.. That is fucking ridiculous. Personally, I highly recommend reading Skinny Bitch. Not only did it teach me a thing or two about bull shit factory farms, dairy products, the government, ect., but it also changed my perspective on our so called “healthy foods”. Definitely, read it.


  • 3
    robin bitner



  • 4
    janine nash

    when do you start loosing and feeling good. I have been practicing only 3 weeks and love it


  • 5
    Rosalyn Fernandez

    I have read about the diet, however what can you recommend for a diabetic? I love the veggies.



    A vegan diet is fine for a diabetic – plant foods and plant proteins have exchanges just like animal proteins. But if you have diabetes you should talk with your doctor to plan out a change in diet, so I think this is probably why they didn’t mention special diets in the book.


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