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Slender One is an appetite suppressant that claims it can help dieters lose 30 pounds in about one year. One year’s supply of the supplement, at the lowest recommended intake, costs about $420. If you add the extra dose in the evening to suppress the need to snack after dinner, the total cost per year jumps to nearly $640. If you do manage to lose the 30 pounds Slender One claims you’ll lose, that’s like paying $21 per pound. The Slender One website claims the main ingredient is backed with 11 clinical studies, but no links are provided to those clinical studies. When we researched Slendesta, the active ingredient in Slender One, we did find a study that claimed the supplement did NOT work to reduce appetite.

List of Ingredients


  • Slendesta
  • Green Tea Extract
  • Chromium
  • Zinc

Product Features

Slendesta is the marketed ingredient in Slender One, but the companies 11 clinical studies are nowhere to be found. We did find a study published in the International Journal of Obesity that proved the supplement, when taken at 30 mg before meals, did not reduce hunger. Only 15 mg is supplied in Slender One.

Green tea is the ingredient that does come with clinical support, though no links are provided for this ingredient either. The 250 mg is perfect as the dieter takes the supplement two to three times daily supplying 500 to 750 mg of green tea. Chromium is a natural appetite suppressant and zinc may support immune system function.

When dieters search for weight loss supplement they need to look for a few important details. First, how much is the supplement going to cost and can I try the supplement without risk of being stuck with the bill. Slender One costs just $34.95 for 20 to 30 days of use; less than comparable products, but there is an issue with the 110% guarantee. The guarantee page claims dieters have 60 days to try the product, but the returns page claims the dieter must return the product within 30 days to receive a refund and the dieter must wait for an RMA number before sending back the supplement.

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  • Ingredients listed online.
  • Contains green tea and chromium.


  • Slendesta is NOT clinically proven to reduce appetite.


There is something off about the Slender One product guarantee. If the dieter looks at the guarantee page and decides to order the product in hopes of trying it for at least 30 days, they could be left with the bill because the guarantee claims a 60 day money-back promise, but the returns department accepts the unused portion of your bottle for 30 days after purchase.

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