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Slim 365 is a dietary additive that contains hoodia gordonii, the cactus plant found in southern Africa that is believed to serve to reduce hunger pains, green tea extract which enhances the burning of calories, and chitosan, a fat blocker from the exoskeletons of crustaceans.

List of Ingredients

Slim 365 is the combination of three ingredients:

Hoodia Gordonii is claimed to be an effective appetite suppressant. Hoodia originates from the Kalahari Desert in Africa. Slim 365 uses only pure Hoodia Gordonii extract.

Green Tea Extract assists in the fat oxidation process. Research in Switzerland has proven that Green Tea Extract can help to burn more calories without any risk.

Chitosan is one of the most powerful fat blocking ingredients available. Slim 365 leverages Chitosan with green tea extract and Hoodia, resulting in a powerful dietary supplement. Chitosan is frequently sold in tablet form at health stores as a “fat binder”, which means it has the capability to interact with greasy fats from the digestive system and limit their absorption in the body. Chitosan can be an effective complement to help lose weight during a diet period or to stabilize ones weight. It is claimed that chitosan may have the deleterious effect of rendering ineffective certain minerals found in foodstuffs.

Product Features

Hoodia, Chitosan, and Green Tea Extract work together to promote consistent weight loss. Hoodia is an aromatic and very colorful plant similar in shape to a cactus that is known for its ability to reduce hunger pains. Green tea, made from the leaf of the plant that is native to China, supports accelerated oxidation of fat cells in the body. Chitosan is known as a fat blocker and is also known to be able to control bleeding.

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  • All natural ingredients.
  • Easy to use.


  • Weight loss claims may be exaggerated.
  • No money back guarantee.
  • Potential for auto-billing, expensive shipping costs and added charges for related products not purchased.
  • May cause side effects.
  • Pure hoodia is very rare.


Slim 365 is a weight loss pill containing three ingredients that have separately been associated with loss of weight. Hoodia gordonii, green tea and Chitosan. The positive health effects of each ingredient are largely speculation and this product is not easily distinguishable from the multitude of others available on the market. Effective weight loss is normally the result of a low-calorie, low-fat diet and a consistent exercise routine.

If you are interested in taking Slim 365, be sure to talk to your doctor first, particularly if you already take any medications.

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