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Everybody knows that healthy eating is one of the best ways to lose weight and maintain a slim body. But with all the unhealthy (and delicious) food choices out there, it’s hard to prepare a healthy diet and stay dedicated to it. As a result, home delivery programs have become one of the most popular choices for health aficionados dedicated to staying fit. One of these diet programs is called The Slimdown. The Slimdown diet program delivers a specifically-planned day’s worth of meals right at your doorstep each day. They offer a variety of meal options that clients can choose from. This includes Low Carb, Caloric Restriction and The Zone food options. They also have their own nutrition counselors who can recommend a meal option that is best suited for each customer. Some of the things that they take into consideration before recommending a meal plan are one’s height, weight, age, weight-loss goal, activity level and medical history. They also consider one’s food preference or special dietary specifications. The program also says that each customer will be provided with a personal diet coach who will guide you through the entire program. The Slimdown claims that participants can lose up to two to five pounds per week.


The Slimdown menu is inspired by foods from various countries. According to their website, this includes Greek, Italian, Mexican, Chinese, Japanese, Indian and even Middle Eastern food. The particular meals delivered to you will depend on which specific diet program you choose to avail. They claim to have around 2500 different entrees, providing choices for everyone, even vegetarians.

Product Features

The Slimdown diet offers daily deliveries to most places. For specific locations though, there are twice a week options as well. They claim that all meals will be delivered fresh and on ice but never frozen. Meals delivered to you can be heated with the use of a microwave. The average cost of a day’s worth of meals is around $27. However, the company sometimes offers special discounts at $20 a day.

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  • Eliminates the effort on having to choose and plan your own meals
  • Very convenient, home delivery service
  • Meals are prepared by professional dieticians, who take each case into consideration
  • Fresh deliveries every day instead of the usual, weekly deliveries by other plans
  • Guidance from a personal fitness coach


  • Meal deliveries will definitely cost you money
  • Limits personal choice and impulsive variety on you food options
  • Food is delivered thereby, users will not learn how to prepare them on their own
  • After the program, weight loss might be hard to continue
  • Some people say that the food is not very delicious


If you’re looking for an instant way on how to start eating healthy, The Slimdown diet program can be a good option for you. It’s a convenient way to lose weight and stay healthy by eating the right kinds of food at the right amount. Be ready to spend some money though because each delivery means a day’s worth of food bought. What’s interesting to find out though, is if their clients are able to sustain the healthy lifestyle after their subscription to the program.

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