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It’s not easy to lose weight. In fact, just to aid in this quest, thousands of products are rampant across the internet, all claiming to provide an easy and quick solution to weight loss. SlimMax is another product with this goal. This product claims to help a person lose weight without dieting, working out and food deprivation. SlimMax claims to be a totally natural, safe and effective way to slim up and shape up. Based on the ancient Chinese science of Acupuncture, SlimMax offers a unique product to the world of fitness- ear studs. In addition to these ear studs, they also offer herbal tea bags which they say are used in conjunction with natural Egyptian herb tea for toning and cleansing purposes. The combination of SlimMax’s ear studs and herbal tea are a unique pair indeed. Their manufacturers say that together, these two can reduce weight, speed up metabolism and even cleanse the digestive system. One of their claims says that by merely using SlimMax, a person no longer needs to diet nor engage in tiring physical exercise. According to their website, SlimMax does all this by stimulating the Lymphatic system in order to speed up one’s metabolism and regulate the digestive system. There are no known side effects to using the SlimMax combo. The natural herb tea and acupuncture is void of any harmful drugs or chemicals that may harm the body. But, before making a purchase though, make sure to do your research because there are some sites calling the SlimMax system a diet fraud. Visit their official site to view information on how the ear studs work and how they are attached. They also provide lots of information which you may or may not find useful.


The SlimMax herbal tea includes ingredients which include focoxanthin and bitter orange which are known to burn fat. It also claims to possess anti-suppressants like hoodia gordonii and green tea. This combo of effects are said to be helpful in assisting weight loss.

Product Features

According to their site, SlimMax users can lose up to 2 to 3 pounds per week. They do note that the effects will be gradual and could take a week or so before one sees any noticeable changes. The product’s manufacturers say that their products are effective for fat reduction, hunger suppression, energy improvement, cholesterol reduction as well as glucose control.Each packet of the SlimMax ear studs contains 50 studs which will last for about 6 months of application. Each ear stud is designed for single use only and cannot be reused after it has been removed already.

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  • A unique and interesting approach to weight loss
  • No known side effects
  • Based on traditional Chinese medicine


  • Too-good-to-be-true claims
  • Scam allegations from some internet sites


Any product which says that you don’t have to diet or exercise in order to lose weight should be seen as dubious. Promises like this are most often too good to be true. The SlimMax combo may offer a unique and interesting approach to weight loss, but at the same time, it also places itself as something which needs further research from potential buyers.

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  • 1

    The first 3 days lost 5 pounds. Then started going back up. The coffee cleanser didn’t help much with the constipation. If you go with the 14 day “free” trial, you really only get 10 days of use and then they charge you $89 for the garcinia and $85 for the coffee cleanse if you don’t cancel


  • 2

    How can I get this product in Liberia ..


  • 3

    relly wt u did


  • 4

    Please help me i have ordered this product does it works or not


  • 5

    I am a TCM student. Though my lecturers do mention that certain acupoints and medicine do help to increase metabolism weight, they do also mention that adequate exercise and diet is needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle and ensure healthy weightloss. I am unsure how effective and safe this ‘supplement’ is. However, effective of a herb will inevitably drop when a overly processed especially when made into pills that can be stored over a long period of time. In addition, consumption of supplements (TCM or not) should NEVER be the only method you use in ur weightloss plan. it should be coupled w exercise and food control (eating in moderation). Be vigilant and wise in ur decision before u decide to buy any supplements. It concerns YOUR health.


  • 6

    I wondered why there were little reviews on this product….it is a total rip off… your money, eat well and exercise…


  • 7

    Please how can i get the product in Nigeria?


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