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Somatomax Review - Does This Dietary Supplement Actually Work? Are side effects and lack of clinical research deal breakers?

Editor's Review: 4.0 / 5.0
Somatomax Review

Looking at some diet products can be painful, especially if there’s no scientific backing for the formula. Let’s find out if Somatomax is in this group. We at DietSpotlight conducted an in-depth review, examining the side effects, ingredients, clinical research and overall customer service. Furthermore, we looked at hundreds of user reviews and comments from all over the internet. Finally, we summed up all of the facts and feedback we found to give you the info you need.

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What You Need To Know

Somatomax is a powder formula that is intended to increase growth hormone stimulation, enhance sleep, increase muscle mass, improve bone density, boost fat metabolism and elevate your feeling of well being. It is directed to be taken 30 minutes prior to bedtime (one heaping scoop is added to a glass of water). The ingredients in Somatomax are as follows; 4-amino-3-Phenylbutyric Acid, Gamma Amino Butyric Acid, Macuna Pruriens Extract, L-Arginine HCL, L-Tyrosine, L-Phenylalanine and Vitamin B-6.

Somatomax is made by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals, Inc. and it’s available online for $37.95. This supplement may help improve your mood and there are some positive comments about it posted online, but read on…

Side Effects – Concerning?

“Numerous customers have complained of side effects after taking Somatomax. These side effects include dizziness, headache, heart palpitations and odd skin sensations. This is very concerning,” says our Research Editor.

According to one user, “This product makes you feel like you were drugged. Couldn’t get out of bed until after noon. Still tired and dizzy. I cut the dose in half and still felt drugged the next day and extremely groggy.”

“First time I took a full scoop. Within 30 minutes my face and arms felt like they had ants crawling on them. Next day was awful – dizzy, disoriented, sleepy. Cut back to 3/4 and was better, but still not good – had heart palpitations about an hour after taking and was still a bit woozy the next day,” said another customer.

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Lack of Clinical Research

The official website does not provide any clinical research that supports Somatomax. In fact, one user stated, “If anything this product made it harder to get to sleep. It hasn’t helped me to stay asleep any better, I still wake up wide awake after about 2-3 hours of sleep.”

Another customer commented, “Does not help me get to sleep! I took the full scoop. Won’t buy this again.”

The intensive research we’ve done has shown if there is a certain part of a diet product that is very concerning or bothersome (side effects, lack of clinical research, high cost) the chances of lasting weight loss results are slim. This means if Somatomax does in fact lack clinical research and leads to side effects in numerous people, this could be problematic.

Any Solid Science?

Unfortunately the official website for Somatomax does not offer any clinical research results. In fact, the website does not even provide the price of this product. Here at DietSpotlight, we prefer to see some published clinical studies that support the weight loss product we’rereviewing.

The Bottom Line: Does Somatomax Work?

So, should you buy Somatomax? Well, we like that Somatomax contains some amino acids and there are some positive comments about it online. However, we are concerned about the effectiveness of this supplement because it’s not backed by clinical research. Moreover, we did not like the numerous customer complaints about side effects, we found on the web.

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How Does Somatomax Compare?

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What You Should Know

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Somatomax is a popular dietary supplement used at night to improve natural sleep. It also helps the body release natural hormonal compounds like HGH. Somatomax is used during the daytime in smaller amounts for increased energy, a feeling of wellbeing as well as improving libido and sexual function. The stimulation of HGH makes Somatomax the ideal supplements for men that desire to increase their muscle mass. It is produced by Apple Health Store, LLC. One bottle of Somatomax retails at $44.97 with a $10 discount off online coupons.


The proprietary blend is14 mg, gamma amino butyric acid, L-Arginine HCL, L-Tyrosine, L-Phenylaline, Macuna Pruriens extract, vitamin B-6 used as pyridoxine HCL 10 mg 500%. Other ingredients include Maltodextrin, citric acid, Malic acid, natural and artificial flavors as well as colors, Acesulfame potassium and aspartame.

Product Features

Somatomax induces sleep and offers the muscles a chance to relax. The type of sleep achieved is deep and calm, complete and with excellent awakening quality. This is useful to people who experience periodic arousals during sleep resulting to impaired day performances and fatigue. It also promotes increased muscle mass while consecutively decreasing body fats. The release of HGH into the bloodstream decreases with age and this is one of the reasons why people accumulate more body fats as they age. The sedative effect of Somatomax contribute to the metabolical recovery in people who over train or get stressed. Overtraining for weight lifters increases tissue synthesis and this can lead to excessive muscle breakdown or injuries. Many metabolic demands are placed on the muscular and skeletal systems. HGH is a non-steroidal hormone is taken to combat heavy training effects on the anatomy. Somatomax also triggers the secretion of dopamine that causes a feel good mood.

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  • It induces a deep healthy sleep.
  • It is known to decrease the fat tissue.
  • Somatomax is helpful in the stimulation of the growth hormone HGH.
  • It is a supplement applicable to men desiring lean muscle tissue.
  • It is used as a relief from various types of pain.
  • Somatomax is an important libido enhancer for both men and women as it has effects similar to alcohol that remove sexual inhibitors.
  • It also lowers the blood cholesterol level.


  • When Somatomax is taken for the first times it triggers secretion of dopamine which in large amounts in the brain causes nausea.
  • The product is geared towards sleep more than weight loss.
  • No main product website.


There are important supplement facts that Somatomax users should know to use the dietary supplement accordingly. These facts are not presented with a main website for a product, rather the sellers are left to present the usage instructions. The product is aimed more at sleep but uses HGH as a means of catching the HGH weight loss buzz. When seeking to lose weight with a supplement, there are other products that are aimed at weight loss and not sleep.

47 User Reviews About Somatomax

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  • 1

    Does Somatomax come in a spay ???? Thank you


  • 2

    The side effects for me when coming off of Somatomax have been horrible.

    I had previously (the worst of it was decades ago) suffered from Generalized Anxiety Disorder and had gotten past that through talk therapy (no drugs.) Absolutely agree with the comments about dosage. First time I took a full scoop. Within 30 minutes my face and arms felt like they had ants crawling on them. Next day was awful – dizzy, disoriented, sleepy. Cut back to 3/4 and was better, but still not good – had heart palpitations about an hour after taking and was still a bit woozy the next day. Eventually cut back to about 1/2 scoop for several weeks then started reading about the side effects (some of which I already started to experience) so I stopped cold turkey. Don’t do that. Lots of anxiety and emotional ups and downs. So I’ve started trying to taper off of it. Still having significant mood swings, overwhelming guilt feelings and anxiety and then they’ll just go away. I’m going to contact a psychologist and psychologist tomorrow to try to get some help. I just wanted to add another cautionary tale to the others listed here in the hopes that it will prevent someone from having this same experience. I’m very happy for those for whom this product works, but I have a lot of sympathy for the folks with the withdrawal symptoms. Good luck to those of you who have withdrawal symptoms – I suggest getting some sort of support to help you through them.


  • 3

    I have been taking this product for several months now. If you do decide to take this product make sure you know what you are getting into. The effects are incredible, you will sleep like a baby and you will wake up in the morning ready to take on the world. However, the night you stop taking it make sure you have the next few days off because you will not sleep at all. You will toss and turn and experience cold sweats all night long and it can cause depression. Use at your own risk


  • 4

    I have taken & also woke up like I was waking from surgery. Start with a smaller dose until you know how it will affect you.


  • 5
    korey adams

    This product sounds great except for the un-natural sweetners that it is full of, why cant these companies use stevia, the stuff that’s in this to sweeten is crap and very bad for you….look it up.


  • 6



  • 7

    I woke up with gills and a set of fins. After three or four hours my bathtub was no longer big enough for me so I jumped into the lake. A week or five then passed and life as I knew it was gone. I started coming out of the lake at night and eating my neighbors pets but it wasn’t enough. No, I found myself mateing with a local herd of wild elks and then later devouring them. Not because I was hungry but just because I feared that my offspring would not be “normal”. Strangely I took up bowling at a local all night bowling and fish pizza place. I had finally found my calling I thought till the night time manager on dutie (let’s just call him Hank) told me that I could not bowl without the proper foot attire. I tried to explain to him that it was not possible because I no longer had any normal feet at the end of my torso. Without batting a lash he said that he had someone that he wishes to introduce to me. I asked him “who?”. He said “… ……… … ” I responded with utter (yes those as well) surprise. My first inclination was to leave into the night after grabbing a bite of my favorite fish pizza but I stayed it had been 3 long years since I was in my home, my bed, in my former world with all its comforts. Facebook, American idol, iPhones hell even Captain Kangoroo were all just a murky memory that no longer held any importance to me. The human face that stood before me suddenly looked far more appealing then the fish pizza that was falling out of the red plastic basket it was in just so I could place my facial opening/feeding hole on without it slipping away. The person he mentioned was just minuets away so it limited any unusual acts of violence that crossed my highly deranged mind. Suddenly before I could consider his nose the door opened. There stood the man that sold me the Somatomax, he was once my brother but I no longer held any family resemblance whatsoever. In his hands was a large net, the kind that you might go trolling in the ocean with hoping to catch a large tasty meal that might keep the local village full for a week. He mentioned a name, one that had not crossed my ears in years. It was mine or at least what my formal self was once called. At this point this creature that I had become had to make a sudden choice. Should I stop and proofread everything I just typed or go on as if everything is normal, just the same. Could I return to my life of Hot Pockets and Redbull working on people’s music late into the night creating future hasbin’s that had no right to even call themselves past want to be’s? Beat Detective, Melodyne and Autotune were once the tools of my trade but because of a silly sleeping disorder I accidentally chose to alter my basic DNA with an over the counter product that was not sold at or near any counter in my world. I chose not to proofread and relied on my trusty iPad to make certain that not only were my words correctly spelled but that there full meaning and impact could be felt by those curious enough to take the bait. That initial charge which comes with not just one scoop but the whole container in one sitting. By all means in this country of America ( the northern one that seems to think its the only one) if one scoop is good then certainly the whole container must e that much better?
    The man resembling my former family member said “wait!” “You have millions of former adorning fans who just were not aware that it was you and not the pretty little face on the iTunes webstore that created all the misguided headnuatic action”. it was me indeed. Perhaps a me that once mattered. One who could walk into a room and concoct musical magic out of thin air. I did not matter if they could not sing. Suddenly I heard the sounds of all the pins being swept away into the gutter of there prospective lanes. The body of water that I had called my home was becoming to small for me and I acknowledged that my new thirst for human flesh no longer mattered because I was free. I told him there in that instant that Somatomax was the pathway to a higher form of enlightenment. He was correct, it did help me sleep and these minor little side effects were just that. The neighbors could always go out and buy another poodle and just clean up there garbage cans that had the traces of my sicken ferver at all hours of the night. I stopped right there when I suddenly realized that the limitation of one beeping scoop would never be enough. Not for me no. Not even the sound of millions of undocumented all night bowling establishment employees could curtail my new discovery. (End of part 1b)



    Never mind. It was just a dream I had while being in a comma induced by this lovely product. I’m better now but man am I ever hungry!


  • 8

    Best sleep of your life. Wake up feeling like a million bucks. Great workouts. I got depressed when I had to come of it for a while.


    Your Name

    joe, me too. It has a withdrawl come down effect when coming off of it.


  • 9
    Sue Stevenson

    I have taken somatomax for more than two years at least, one scoop or more per night. This is the third day of hidious
    withdrawal, I am totally dysfunctional.
    This is so horrible, I am thinking of going to the hospital.



    Sue – I hope you were able to overcome the withdrawal symptoms.


  • 10

    I have been taking 400 mg of seroquel for sleep for years. Have to get off that poison. Can we start taking somatomax while decreasing seroquel safely?


  • 11

    I have been taking somatomax off and on for about two years, my husband takes 1/2 scoop and it does the job. But after a while I buiit a tollerance so I started taking two scoops, I have awful insomnia so I think it depends on the individual. Def start out with a half, but in my experiance girls can hadle alot more than guys. I think it has something to do with with how much magnesium men produce, Its more than women. Also dont mix with alcohol. You’ll be super sick and dizzy



    I agree I’m 110lbs have had horrible insomnia I take 1-2 scoops I sleep like a baby and always wake up full of energy sometimes too much. This is the best product out there been on it for almost 1 1/2 years just concerned if there is any longterm effects????


  • 12

    Do not take 1 scoop for the first dose! I have been up and down all day, incapacitated and euphoric. Almost fell over this morning after taking one scoop. Have a headache that is about to make me throw up.

    Will I take it again? Yes! 1/4 scoop tonight then slowly ramp up.


  • 13

    I love this stuff. It was originally developed for body builders and the effects will depend on your muscle mass. So if you are a big muscled-up guy you can take more than if you are a petite woman. Start small. I started off withe the full dose and slept for two days – literally. Now I take a quarter scoop and get the best sleep ever. I love this stuff.


  • 14

    I had lapband surgery & lost 137lbs. I still have 30lbs to my goal but I haven’t been able to shed them for over a year. Is this safe to take even with lap band? Also I take prescribed narcotic pain meds for back pain, Is it dangerous to take both?


  • 15
    Aaron J

    I love this stuff! I just worry because when I don’t take it I can’t sleep. It’s like I am becoming addicted to it. I love the libido effect, I just wish my wife felt the same way. I guess I should make her start taking it.


  • 16

    5 days on 2 days off. And only take 1/2 scoop till u adapt.


  • 17

    Took iot for the first time last night OMG only taking half a scoop tonight,haven’t slept like that in a long time. Woke up dizzy and sleepy but have been up for 1 hour now and starting to feel better. I think it is all about starting smaller and building up to what your body needs.


  • 18

    I was wondring since there is only a 20 day supply, do I need to cycle off for any period? Also what are the exact side affects if taken with a couple of beers? Curious….thanks!



    In my experience combining it with alcohol is not the best. If I have one beer at dinnertime and take Somatomax at bedtime three hours later, no problem, but if I’m buzzed and I take it, I wake up the next morning feeling dopey and my GI tract is unhappy.


  • 19

    My wife and I did a full scoop each. It puts you to sleep, we slept for 10 yours. But the side effects are bad. She and I woke up dizzy and sleepy. She was really bad could not get out of bed so sleepy and dizzy. When she did get out of bed she started to throw up and could not function right. I suggust taking a half a scoop also as one is too much . The containers should tell you this.



    I totally agree, the dosage is mislabeled badly. Very very strong product. Even for those with a high tolerance. DO NOT TAKE FULL SCOOP FIRST TIME USING THIS PRODUCT!!


  • 20

    This stuff is great i sleep great and it does increase the libido :)


  • 21

    Anyone help me? I have been using for a couple of weeks and had great sleep effects but this week I have gone from ZERO to insatiable libido. 44 y.o. woman NORMAL?



    Give me a call?


  • 22

    Yeah definitly start with half a scoop. My first time i used a full scoop and when i woke up my vision was blurred for an hour, product does help sleep and to stay asleep.


  • 23
    patrick hedge

    is there any drug interaction warnings or issues?


  • 24

    Yes, Kenneth is correct you must start with half a scoop for about the first week so your body can get adjusted to it. Then raise to the full scoop. This stuff has really helped my sleep and over all mood, as far as an off the shelf product this is the best thing I have ever taken, for now, hope there are no long term side effects.


  • 25

    This stuff is amazing. I got a dose from a friend and was instantly hooked! The next morning I always feel relaxed, rested and just all around fantastic! As far as its effects on sexual function…all I can say is make sure you warn your wife.


  • 26
    kenneth Johnson

    Don’t do a full scoop when starting anew with this.Ramp yourself up nice and easy,it’s VERY strong.Start with a half scoop and go from there if you need to.


  • 27

    This product is great. My skin looks and feels younger. I’m post menopause and this has been great with no side effects.


  • 28

    I’m up to 2 scoops. Is this bad? I scoop doesn’t do it for me anymore, but this stuff is truly amazing–I love it. Knocks me out cold. The feeling in the am varies, sometimes I’m wide awake and other times I’m tired. Definitely increases libido within 20 minutes of taking it though :-)



    Interesting…the libido angle. Also, sounds like starting with a small dose is best.


  • 29

    Amazing. Someone gave me a sample of the liquid version and I fell in love, apparently the liquid isn’t made anymore so now I have to use the powder. Does anyone know if there’s any product out there that does the same thing in a liquid or pill version?



    Add water. Now it’s liquid.


  • 30
    AJ Sorbello

    ok, so I tried it last night. I’ve been trying to recover from this nausea, hung over, doped up feeling for over 45 minutes. I feel high, and want to go back to sleep. I passed out around 1AM, 30 minutes prior to falling asleep. it is now 9:30 AM. i am now 15 minute late. still dizzy…



    The first night I took this I took a full scoop and woke up, not nauseous, but completely dizzy, and unfocusable cross-eyed vision for several hours. I started taking a 1/4 scoop each night and I got the best sleep I had in months with no side effects the next day. I’m now up to 1/2 to 1 scoop a night (after 1 week) depending on how much anxiety I have from my day. I have tried 18 different sleeping medications and every one of them gave me a chemical hangover the next day. This is the only thing, other than the first use, that doesn’t give me a hangover the next day.


    G. Phillips

    Glad I read your review, Mike, before trying it for the first time. I drive semi on third shift and sleep on second. Yeah, that cross-eyed dizzyness sounds like fun while trying to hook up a set of double trailers and then trying to keep them between the lines for 500 miles. I’ll start at a small scoop first. Thanks!!!


  • 31
    c norris

    Can somatomax cause tendonitis in knee and elbow to worsen?


  • 32
    connie mosser

    Is this product safe for premenapausal and menapausal women? How does it affect hormonal balance?



    I’m post menapause and this product has done wonders for my skin and hair…I look and feel younger and sleep really well now. I totally recommend this to post menapausal ladies.


  • 33

    Ugh, best product in the world
    this was made by gods, i have never woke up in my life soo relaxed, my muscles felt so relaxed and overall felt like doing everything 10/10.. Amazing, strongly and im going to say it again stronly recommend this product
    esp for bodybuilder for a quicker recovery from intense lifting.


  • 34

    What is the pros and cons if you have had prostate cancer, BUT No current signs of cancer.



    I should have really no affect on your P-state.
    you should be fine


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