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Somotrim claims to increase weight loss by 12 or more pounds in the first month alone. These claims are based on an all-natural ingredient list that reduces hunger. The Chinese formula does not promote the use of exercise to reduce weight – rather reducing food intake seems to be more important. There is information online that claims Somotrim was pulled from the market for including Sibutramine. Sibutramine is a controlled substance used in the United States by prescription to reduce appetite in obese patients. Any supplement found to contain Sibutramine will be pulled from the shelves as is the case with Somotrim.

Somotrim cannot be found for sale online at this time. There is a Facebook page out of Puerto Rico claiming to sell the product, but no pricing information is listed. A link to a MySpace page is also provided, but there is no pricing information on that page either. The only ingredient list found was through the Somotrim Facebook page.

List of Ingredients

Sweet potato fiber, cyamoposis gum powder, amor phallus konjac, alfalfa, Tuckahoe, kola, guttiferae plan, coleus scutellarioides, marumi kumquat and trigonella foenumm.

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Somotrim does not offer an official website that contains an ingredient list, so consumers must take any available list with a grain of salt. There could be additional ingredients in the formula or some of listed ingredients may not be in Somotrim at all. One ingredient that is not listed is Sibutramine. The FDA recalled all Somotrim bottles in 2009 because Sibutramine, a controlled prescription medication, was found in the herbal supplement. Sibutramine is used by obese patients to control hunger and comes with a long list of potential side effects.

If the formula was re-released without the Sibutramine, the ingredient list could be complete but there trust is also ruined between the supplement name and the consumer. Taking a closer look at the ingredient list, revealed an interesting find. The exact ingredient list for Somotrim is also used for Lida Daidaihua Slimming Capsules. This means the same ingredient list is being marketed with different labels. There is no way of knowing whether any of these supplements contain Sibutramine.

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  • Testimonials make claims of huge weight loss in the first month.
  • Before and after photos are available.


  • Somotrim may include Sibutramine.
  • The same ingredient formula is used for other slimming supplements.
  • Information on the Somotrim Facebook page is listed verbatim for the Lida Daidaihua Slimming Capsules.


Weight loss supplements are a dime a dozen and most will never work to increase weight loss. In order to gain an edge, some companies are willing to add controlled substances in hopes the FDA will not catch them in the process. Somotrim included Sibutramine, a prescription weight loss product, and was eventually caught. The Chinese slimming formula is marketed under several names so the dieter can never be sure there is no Sibutramine in these supplements.

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    Cheryl Allen

    I ordered this product on April 28,2015 order #4705671 and I have not yet received my product. The money was taken out of my account.


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    Malex Nutrition

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