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it can be a lot of fun getting started with a new fitness program or type of exercise. You simply need the right mindset. Also, a nifty fitness device or machine never hurts. This brings us to the StreetStrider. This product is basically marketed as an elliptical “cross trainer” machine on wheels. According to the official website, it won the 2010 Excellence Award for Innovation. This unique and innovative device is claimed to provide users with the combined benefits of exercises like cycling, jogging, and skiing. Since it uses no fuel or motor, it is an environmentally friendly machine as well.

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Product Features

The StreetStrider is a cycle-like machine that has a stable three-wheel platform, a unique “lean-to-steer” system, and can be propelled forward by arms and legs. As revealed on the main website, the StreetStrider can easily climb hills, burns away ample calories, and does not cause the anatomical stresses of traditional bicycling. This machine has multiple gears for different speeds, and encourages minimal joint impact. This product was actually featured on “The Biggest Loser” television show. It sells online through the primary website for $1,799.00. Furthermore, there are nine different models to select from, and the prices do vary.

The StreetStrider is suitable for men, women, and children alike. The official website offers convenient contact information, as well as an FAQ page reading this product. However, it does not appear that any testimonials are posted on the main website. There is product warranty information (a PDF) found on the website, as well as a return policy (you can return the StreetStrider within 30 days, but it must be in the original packaging, and you must pay for shipping fees).

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  • There is a convenient 1-800 number provided on the main website.
  • There are a few videos that advertise the StreetStrider, and show how it works.
  • This is a “green” exercise machine.


  • The cost of the StreetStrider is very high, and is likely unaffordable for many dieters.
  • You have to pay for shipping and handling if you return this product within 30 days (cannot return it after 30 days).
  • There is no healthy eating plan recommended with this product.
  • Riding a bicycle is much cheaper.
  • No supplement formulas are incorporated for weight loss.


After reviewing the official StreetStrider website, it is clear that this fitness tool is very hyped up; especially since it was featured on “The Biggest Loser” television show. While the StreetStrider may be able to provide users with some decent outdoor exercise, the cost of this product is quite high at $1,799.00. This alone may discourage many people from buying the StreetStrider. After all, a bicycle is also a great way to get some outdoor exercise.

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4 User Reviews about StreetStrider

  • 1
    J Newcomb

    I lost 22 lbs just riding no dieting in five months. Love love love my Street Strider.


  • 2
    Jose Ramos

    You better hope you never have problems with your unit. They claim they don’t carry any spare parts so you have to figure out how to disassemble and how to package it at your cost and send it back so they can fix it. Their tech support person agreed there was something wrong with the wheel hub but wouldn’t send me a replacement. I have to figure out how to package and ship the part back to them! Terrible customer service!!!



    I’ve looked at one of these, and most of the components are ordinary bicycle parts; hence, your local bicycle shop should be able to take care of the upkeep. As a matter of fact, if I get one, I’ll ask my LBS to order it for me and do the assembly.



    Great idea BAW! I’m going to see my LBS tomorrow. Not only will this give me after sale service but I am shopping local and helping the little guy out.