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It is a fact that many dieters will try almost anything to drop those stubborn pounds. Eating nothing but cabbage for two weeks or including grapefruit at every meal come to mind. However, ingesting a parasite for the purpose of losing weight is surely as extreme as the dieting world can get. Is the Tapeworm Diet a true weight loss program or simply the stuff great urban legends are made of? We will take a closer look at this distasteful idea to see.

The first thing that dieters must know is that tapeworm importing or selling is illegal in the United States. Consumers who want to attempt this diet will have to travel to Mexico to do so. Once you arrive at the location for treatment (quite possibly a slaughterhouse), you will be provided with beef tapeworm cysts that have been identified microscopically as such. The reason this is so important is that some cows may have been infected with a pig tapeworm, which is much more dangerous than the parasites found in cows. The cysts are consumed, and a tapeworm will grow inside the digestive tract. Dieters can expect to lose one to two pounds a week as long as the tapeworm is inside. Once the target weight loss is reached, an antibiotic is given and the tapeworm is killed and expelled.

for the Tapeworm Diet.

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According to one website describing this diet, the treatment is only performed in Mexico at the time of this review. The current cost of the treatment ranges from $1200 to $1500.

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  • There are no advantages to this diet.


  • Tapeworms are a dangerous parasite that can cause a host of unpleasant side effects.
  • The treatment can only be performed in Mexico.
  • There appears to be little quality control or regulations governing this procedure.
  • The risks of this procedure are great and there is no guarantee that it will work.
  • The treatment is very expensive and will include travel expenses as well.


If you have the stomach to be reading this far, you probably won’t be surprised to find that we do not recommend the Tapeworm Diet in any shape or form. This treatment is potentially dangerous to the individual because of the parasite placed in the body; but also because of the area one must travel to have the treatment done. We even have serious doubts as to the authenticity of the Tapeworm Diet, although numerous websites do confirm that it is a legitimate process that has been done a number of times. There are better ways to weight loss that include a low calorie diet, daily exercise and a proven weight loss supplement. Stick with the tried and true and leave the Tapeworm Diet alone.

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  • 1
    Blossom Rynearson

    I loved as much as you’ll receive carried out right here. The sketch is attractive, your authored material stylish. nonetheless, you command get got an nervousness over that you wish be delivering the following. unwell unquestionably come more formerly again as exactly the same nearly very often inside case you shield this hike.


  • 2

    Has anyone here ever tried the tapeworm diet?? x


  • 3

    Do NOT do this diet!


  • 4

    This is a very old diet, at least since Victorian times. There are many complications from tapeworm infections and death is possible. Anyone can loose weight if they are willing to eat the appropriate number of calories for their daily activity level. There is no magic diet.


  • 5

    Budd, have you used Extractotape or any other tape worm products? Looks like the only product actually able to be ordered.


  • 6

    You should try this diet. Not only will you lose weight but you will qualify for a Darwin award. I highly recommend it. It’s probably good for global warming too so you will feel fuzzy inside.


  • 7

    Tape work diets can work and they are performed in a lot of countries besides Mexico. I have been dieting with tape works using extractotape which is patented and effective


  • 8
    Nathan the tapeworm

    Did you know that tapeworms could very well help our human bodies out in the long run? Not just for the weight loss but for other untreatable problems. Our bodies and many generations before us indure new parasites that our immune system helps fight off. Without those parasites being introduced to our bodies, the fight with allergies and many other problems (with our bodies) could of killed us a long time ago simply because the bodie didn’t know what entered it.

    People die everyday, and everyone will die. That’s a fact. This tapeworm will even die. Plus it’s even easier than most people say to kill it. One pill, it will start spazzing (you’ll fill it all through your lower torso), then it dies. The parasite exits your bodie just like everything else (you might have to pull for twenty minutes or so but eventually youll get the head of this long thing out of you).

    But whose to say that this tapeworm might travel somewhere else in your body instead of where you want it. It has to grow from the egg inside of you. Meaning this tapeworm can end up somewhere like your brain or lungs (killing you).

    Not everyone experiences problems during this diet. But it will be very uncomfortable to complete the last steps as described above.

    If you think about it, how many options are out there for weight loss? Lots right? But how many of those are effective to every single person? Would you rather have your bodie opened up and messed with for thousands upon thousands of dollars that insurance companies usually don’t pay for? Guess what you can die from that too!

    Or you could take up running, but you could get hit by a car! You could maybe even die during the show of 1000 ways to die (mentioned by someone above)!

    How many people take pills right now for things you probably could avoid? Did you know those can kill you too!

    Just cause this tapeworm has had issues before with death doesnt mean it will do the same to you! But if you want to keep eating fast food, your on your way to death anyways…

    For those who want it, eat some raw meet. Don’t pay 1200 for a parasite…

    One more thing, thousands of restaurants have accidentally given this egg to unknowing customers… Oops, you probably didn’t want to know that…



    I would like to try this but how… how do i kmow the raw meat will contain what i need and how much raw meat do i eat?? Also can it be cooked at all.. is there anywjere i can purchase cheap pills ?? Please help ty so much


  • 9

    Why the ****do this suicide diet when you can get you bum off the couch and play outside and eat healthy stuff if that doesn’t work than talk to your doc. That’s why he’s there


  • 10

    this workss! but yu will diee if yu tryy itt!!


  • 11

    The person who died from this method must have eaten the pork tapeworm instead the beef one or have a bad lifestyle.
    Tapeworm ingested naturally are now handled by modern medecine so i don’t think it’s a lethal thing to have a beef tapeworm. If you feel really bad and the provided killing medecine don’t work you can just go to the hospital to get rid of it.


  • 12

    It’s true, someone did die from swallowing tape worms, I wouldn’t risk my life eating that crap, I would rather be overweight and living my life than die over something that stupid.. Talk to your doctor about getting some prescription pills that can give you more energy and boost your metabolism to get you to burn the fat off. Thats exactly what I did and i lost 35 pounds with just 10 min. for 3 days per week in exercise!


  • 13

    SOMEONE DIED FROM THIS! it was on 1000 ways to die. dont do it



    If you believe 1000 ways to die, congratulations, you win the new stupidity prize


  • 14

    Tapeworms make you sick and tired. You lose weight AND energy. They probably weaken your immune system too. Just exercise or eat healthier. Exercising and good nutrition gives you energy and you get to rebuild your self esteem. My mom joined weight watchers and lost 20 lbs in about 2 months.


  • 15

    Are you kidding Shelly? You are crazy, they are saying that to help you! WOW! Some people these days.


  • 16
    Billy Mays



  • 17

    Even if you don’t beleve it’s dangerous, you should avoid this weight loss technique because it’s complete baloney.

    Antibiotics kill bacteria. Tapeworms are animals. Antibiotics will not kill tapeworms.

    How can people who don’t know the difference between bacteria and animals tell the difference between beef tapeworm and pork tapeworm under a microscope? Would you really trust them to do that?

    And even if it works, since you haven’t changed your energy balance with diet or exercise, once the tapeworm’s gone, your weight will return to exactly what it was before.


  • 18

    I am right there with you! I would like to try it. Everyone here saying you are crazy is probably not overweight. Some of us are desparate to lose weight and that is just the truth of it. Most people who are overweight are not lazy or weak, just desparate. I understand how you feel Natalie.



    If your so desperate go get gastric bypass surgery. dont put a living parisite in your body.



    1200 dollars compared to what a 20,000 dollar surgery that a poor persons insurance won’t cover. You risk dyeing, but if you can’t lose the weight, you have no life anyway



    I have a tapeworm… And you lady are crazy to want to try it… i got it from undercooked meat at a restaurant and lemme tell you, its hell. Firstly you dont lose weight lol… you just look pregnant. Your stomach is bloated and you actually gain weight. You feel full all the time and even though you dont eat, It doesnt help. Anyone who thinks of trying this diet is ridiculous and very vain. I understand there are women out there who are very desperate but all you need is exercise, healthy and proportioned food and strict limits. You just gotta get out of that comfort zone. And for those of you who think i’m being biased. My younger sister is struggling through obesity right now =(

    Dont put that ridiculous worm in your body…its the worse thing you can do, i’ve been struggling to get rid of mine for 9 months now and my doctor doesnt have a CLUE!


  • 19

    Your a crazy person!


  • 20

    Because it is legal to sell them there.It is not in america. Bt there are sites u can go to a buy them. Bt this diet is to risky to try. You might lose weight bt u can also die. So you can lose 20lbs.The risk is to high. Don’t try this people have did from doing this diet.


  • 21



  • 22

    I really want to try the beef tapeworm, theres no other place on the internet to buy it, other than mexico?



    You are totally and utterly nuts to try this diet. You can die.






    you need to go see a docter or somthing if ur thinking of doing this diet



    Even the beef tapeworm is evil and can kill you