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The Inuit Diet is based on the native eating habits of the Inuit people. Typically hunters by nature, the diet includes large amounts of fish, wild animal and wild berries. The Inuit people are native to Alaska and certain parts of Canada, so hunting game takes place in colder temperatures most of the year. Inuit people do not eat meals prepared at certain times, like western dieters. They eat when they are hungry. The day is typically broken into two main meals and snacks throughout waking hours. Some foods on the Inuit Diet are eaten raw and hunters have been known to drink the blood of their kill while it is still warm. This is not acceptable in a western culture. Raw meat should not be consumed as it can contain diseases that lead to death.

List of Ingredients

Seal, walrus, raw fish, fresh blood and wild berries.

Product Features

There are very few plants that grow in the cold climates of Alaska. Hunters typically consume animals, fish and wild berries that grow during certain seasons. The Inuit Diet is not a western-friendly diet. Raw meat and fish is offered in some upscale restaurants or sushi bars, but that is the limit of raw meat consumption in the United States.

For the dieter looking to lose weight, the Inuit Diet is not the best solution. People eat based upon culture and the Inuit culture is unique to that group of people. Most dieters will not have access to seals, whales or walrus and would not know how to hunt these animals if they did have access to them. Eating raw meat and drinking blood is so far from western beliefs, it is nearly impossible to follow.

There is no exercise on the Inuit Diet, but Intuits get exercise from hunting wild game. Essentially, the people eat when they are hungry and they must hunt meat to eat, so calories are burned before the meal is even hunted.

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  • Requires exercise to hunt wild animals.
  • Rich in protein and healthy fats.


  • Most westerners would not eat seal, walrus or whale.
  • The Inuit people eat raw meat and drink blood to stay warm.
  • The diet is not created for weight loss – it is a culture.


If you are an Inuit, the Inuit Diet is how you were raised. Otherwise, the specifics of the diet may not be appropriate for a western person. Not only does the diet require wild game hunting, but the cold temperatures freeze the meat, preserving it until ready to use. Dieters in the United States would have a hard time passing seal, walrus or whale meat / blubber to a dinner guest.

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