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There is a fat burner for every dieter. Some fat burners contain small amounts of stimulant to boost metabolism and help the dieter achieve weight loss goals. Others contain a huge amount of caffeine; designed for dieters who are not sensitive to stimulants in any way. QNT ThermoBooster is a stimulant drink with two sources of caffeine – caffeine and guarana. There are no other important ingredients in the drink, so the dieter is basically consuming caffeine water. None of the ingredients in the formula will suppress appetite, which is a huge setback for ThermoBooster. Appetite suppressants offset hunger associated with increased metabolism. When the body burns more calories, it naturally wants to restore that energy so hunger starts. Appetite suppressants keep hunger at bay, so the body uses stored fat for energy, promoting weight loss.

List of Ingredients

Water, acidifier E330, L-carnitine, guarana extract (% caffeine), flavor, caffeine, stabilizers: E414 & E445, sweeteners E950 & E951, color E133. Contains a source of phenylalanine.

Product Features

The nutrition label for ThermoBooster is quite interesting. Each bottle contains 500 ml, but doses are listed as 100 ml or 250 ml. There is 30 mg of straight caffeine per 100 ml, but we have no idea how much caffeine is supplied by the guarana. That means one entire bottle of ThermoBooster contains 150 mg of caffeine, less than some fat burners, but again there is the guarana impact.

The supplement is calorie and carbohydrate free, so every dieter can take advantage of the quick energy boost, but dieters must be warned; this supplement cannot be used in conjunction with another fat burner unless that fat burner is caffeine free.

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  • Ingredients for QNT ThermoBooster are available online.
  • Dieters can read the ingredient label.
  • Available on
  • Contains caffeine; a proven metabolism booster.


  • May not be available from QNT.
  • Does not contain appetite suppressing ingredients.
  • Not designed for weight loss, just for increased energy.
  • May contain more caffeine than printed on the label.


There is a place for energy boosters in the diet industry, but they come at a cost. ThermoBooster contains caffeine, but no appetite suppressing ingredients. Dieters try hard to increase metabolism, but often feel hungrier the faster their metabolism moves. Chromium is a great appetite suppressant that works by controlling blood glucose. The official website for QNT does not list ThermoBooster. Most product descriptions we found were located in the United Kingdom, so the product may only be available outside the United States. Dieters can choose to take ThermoBooster in addition to an appetite suppressant, but that may be confusing for some dieters.

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