Total Gym 1100 Review

Editor's Review: 3.5 / 5.0

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Total Gym offers a complete line of Pilates-style home gyms designed to improve overall health and wellness. Products, including, the Total Gym 1100 feature solid steel construction and a multitude of accessories. The draw of the Total Gym 1100 is the lack of free weights. The resistance generated directly correlates with the users body weight. As the user increases the incline, the greater the percentage of body weight is used.

List of Ingredients

Pilates-style home gym featuring 60 exercises.

Product Features

The Total Gym 1100 is a Pilates-style home gym offering a total body workout without the need for free weights. The machine offers attachments including cushioned handles, pull-up bar and squat stand. The Total Gym 1100 ships fully assembled so the dieter has the opportunity to begin using the product straight out of the box. The benefit of the Total Gym 1100 is the resistance generated is in the form of the users’ body weight which ranges from 4% to 60%.

The weight limit associated with the Total Gym 1100 is 250lbs. This is a standard amount, but excludes dieters beyond this weight. A product of the likes of the Total Gym 1100 should provide a product that satisfies a greater percentage of individuals. If an individual does not have prior experience using a Pilates-style home gym, the chance of bodily harm is heightened.

Individuals will appreciate the compact design of the Total Gym 1100. Fully extended, the Total Gym 1100 takes up 7 feet by 4 feet. Folded, the product takes up 4 feet by 12 inches. Although the Total Gym 1100 is compact, the product is slightly heavier than previous models. At 68 lbs., the product is quite awkward when attempting to fold.

Cost-conscience dieters will like the price of the Total Gym 1100. Compared to earlier models, the product is more than $400 cheaper. Add in the accessories and the value increases. Although we could not find the Total Gym 1100 on the official website, we did find it on third-party ecommerce sites such as for $250.

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  • Compact design.
  • Low impact.
  • Weight training without free weights.
  • Inexpensive.
  • Multiple accessories included.


  • Not available on the official website.
  • Claims not supported by scientific research.
  • Exercises could present difficulty for individuals without prior experience.


We like the Total Gym 1100. The space saving design combined with the low price point make the Total Gym 1100 truly a value for the cost conscience dieter. For $250, the Total Gym 1100 features upgrades not seen with traditional Total Gym models. Features include squat stand, pull-up bar and cushioned hand straps.

What we found was although the Total Gym 1100 is a great low-impact home gym, the machine is not ideal for individuals of all sizes. The 250 lb. weight limit excludes a portion of dieters looking for a quality home gym to assist in their weight loss regimen. We also found the Total Gym 1100 is not ideal for individuals taller than average. Someone taller than 6 feet will not be able to perform the majority of the exercises, simply because their legs extend past the glide board.

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