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Total Gym features some of the most innovative machines in the industry. The low-impact nature of the machines allows users of all fitness levels to engage in a complete total body workout. From the beginning, Total Gym continued to offer upgrades which set itself apart from the rest of their home fitness line. One such accessory is the Total Gym AB Crunch. This accessory is designed to assist users achieve sculpted abdominals and strengthen core muscles.

We found the product available on the official website for $150. We also realized the accessory requires the purchase of a Total Gym ranging from $2500 to $4900.

List of Ingredients

Padded abdominal accessory designed for select Total Gym home gyms.

Product Features

The Total Gym AB Crunch is a padded accessory designed to increase efficiency with abdominal exercises on the Total Gym. The attachments secures either to the top of the Total Gym or the Bottom. The ergonomic design of the handles provides security and stability. The Total Gym AB Crunch also features a high density foam pad for increased comfort.

We could not find a recommended weight capacity for the Total Gym AB Crunch. The information available is generally for the Total Gym and not the accessories. Generally the weight limit for the majority of Total Gyms is 250 to 400 lbs.

The compact design of the Total Gym AB Crunch is the perfect accessory simply because it does not interrupt the flow of the glide board. The Total Gym AB Crunch attaches to the top or the bottom of select Total Gyms.

The price is a concern. Although the Total Gym AB Crunch is a mere $150, if a dieter does not own a Total Gym, expect to pay anywhere from $2500 to $4900. Although the Total Gym AB Crunch provides a complete abdominal workout, the accessory fit three of the most expensive machines.

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  • 30-day guarantee.


  • Requires purchase of the Total Gym.
  • Expensive.
  • Does not attach to every Total Gym.
  • Requires abdominal strength to use efficiently.


Working the abdominal muscles leads to a stronger core. A strong core is essential in developing other major muscle groups. The Total Gym AB Crunch is a great piece of equipment designed to assist in core strengthening. The padded arms offer comfort and stability, while the padded hand grips offer security.

What we found regarding the Total Gym AB Crunch is the price is steep, considering it serves one purpose. A dieter can perform abdominal exercises on the Total Gym without spending the $150. A cost conscience dieter may want to invest the money, but without owning a Total Gym, the accessory is pointless. A $150 investment now turns into an investment of a couple hundred to a couple thousand dollars.

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    cathy boekstal

    it did not fit on the total gym xls and I am pissed.