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Group fitness has become wildly popular as a means of inclusion for individuals seeking a healthier lifestyle. The benefits include exercising with like minded individuals as well as support and encouragement. Taking from the success of the home gym market, Total Gym created Total Gym Gravity.

This all inclusive exercise program features a growing online community, in-home participants and individuals from health clubs. The program is similar to current at-home Total Gym workouts. So we ask, is Total Gym Gravity worth it?

List of Ingredients

Group fitness offering various workouts, online community support, rehabilitation instructor certification and at-home exercise plans.

Product Features

Total Gym Gravity is an at-home, online and health club group fitness program designed for beginning weight trainers, professional athletes, rehabilitation patients and everyone in between. The majority of Total Gym Gravity is held at health clubs throughout the country. The program offers promotion and supplemental DVD’s supporting the efforts of the growing community.

The online community is a free service requiring only registration. The online support groups offers promotional material associated with health clubs that support Total Gym Gravity. Videos and instructional exercises are available free on the official website after a successful registration. The DVD program produces quarterly and yearly updates to all its members.

We could not find information regarding the cost of the program. The price is typically included in the cost of a health club membership, but could depend on the facility. Utilizing Total Gym Gravity at-home requires purchase of a Total Gym which costs $3500. Although Total Gym Gravity offers some much to individuals, the in-home price could easily deter the price conscience dieter.

Total Gym Gravity offers the ability to become a certified instructor. The process involves a three-step certification that includes classes in Reformat Evolved Series, Reformat Corework Series and Reformat Matwork Series. Additional certifications are recommended prior to Total Gym Gravity certification.

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  • Locations across the country.
  • Online support community.
  • Available for large and small groups.
  • Gravity Instructor certification offered.
  • DVD’s produced support at-home training.


  • Locations may require health club membership.
  • Following the routines at home require purchase of the Total Gym GPS.
  • No pricing information available online.


Group fitness allows individuals to achieve goals with the assistance of like-mined individuals. Total Gym Gravity offers a variety of services for rehabilitation patients, experienced athletes as well as the novice. The program provides a complete line of development material designed to maximize each level ensuring success. We found the Total Gym Gravity a viable alternative to a traditional health club setting.

The concern we found with the Total Gym Gravity is no pricing information is available online. The information regarding the product is excellent, but pricing is important for the price conscience dieter. We also found the Total Gym Gravity does not offer guidance concerning diet. An exercise plan is useless unless proper diet and supplementation is followed according to an individual’s plan.

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